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     Connor William Bailey

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    Connor Bailey

    Connor Bailey

    Dragon Trainer In Training

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    PostSubject: Connor William Bailey   Connor William Bailey EmptySun Feb 25 2018, 23:34

    Connor William Bailey

    Connor William Bailey 1
    Age: 19 going on 20
    D.O.B: February 14
    Birthplace: Mistwick, UK
    Current location: Mistwick, UK
    Blood status: Halfblood
    Occupation: Dragon Trainer - In Training

    Hair style and colour: Messy blond hair
    Height: 5'11
    Eye colour: Green
    Body type: Athletic
    Dress sense: Whatever is at the top of the clean hamper
    Other: Half moon tattoo administered when young


    • Quidditch: He's naturally athletic and Qudditch has always been his favorite sport. He finds it to be thrilling both watching and playing.
    • Food: He's a foodie and a bottomless pit of a person. Food is always a good friend.
    • The Outdoors: If there’s anything out there to walk and explore he just does it. He loves running, flying, doing anything outside and is rarely a homebody.
    • Rhian: As the designated ward of his grandparents, he finds her to be a constant in his life. Whether she's a cheerleader or just a person ready to listen, he appreciates her more than she'd ever know.


    • Awkward Silences: He is not good in a silent room. If something is to quiet he fills it with chatter.
    • Reading: He’s never been book smart and he’s not quite sure how he got through uni with this mentality.
    • Pompous people: He knows what he is and what he’s not and he doesn’t appreciate people boxing in into what they should be.
    • Statute: While he doesn't think it's right to separate everyone, he wants to know what caused it to be this way. His father says that it's always been this way and no one complains, but to him, if Muggles were so cruel as to throw their magical children away, then they shouldn't be allowed to have them. And if they all are subpar people, then why is Rhian the way she is despite being muggleborn? He thinks about this a lot.


    • Makes awkward jokes when nervous - he can't help it! It's something that he uses to cope.
    • Scratches his head when embarrassed.


    • Follower: for a long period of his life, he's accepted as to what things should happen, and he rarely asked why. Until recently he's found himself trying to break this mold.
    • Dense: He doesn't mean to be silly or ignorant but there are some things that just go over his head.


    • Physically he’s strong. He lifts weight, he’s always been an athlete and it’s his lifestyle.
    • Kind: He’s always carried his heart on his sleeve and stood up to his beliefs no matter how naive he might be. His father tells him that he is foolish for thinking this way, but his mother secretly encourages it.
    • Friendly - He is always willing to make friends and is good at making people comfortable.


    • Naive - He has a perception of the world that oftentimes does not match with the actual one. It’s heartbreaking for him to be disappointed at the world not being as good as he once thought.
    • Studying: He is not very good with the books, and oftentimes gets distracted over little things only to realize he has not retained anything he read.
    • Rhian: the girl who has been his first friend and his almost love of his life. He knows he will always be there for her, but maybe not the way he once thought.


    When Connor was born, it was said that the whole townhouse was filled with joy for not only was he a boy, but he was the first proper Halfblood lineage from his mother's side. His mother always said that the moment he arrived to her world it was as if sunshine came into it. Connor has always hard a bright and sunny disposition in life. His fondest memories of his childhood involved him cooking with his mother as she sang songs about her childhood.

    His mother did not have the easiest of life. Being second generation muggleborn, it was a miracle that she found herself in such a position. She often times told him stories of how dreary Wolfsbane Hollow could be. Her education was very limited, she often told him that she was not gifted in books and if he ever had any negative trait it probably came from her. In her mind, it was a miracle that a halfblood like John could love someone as dim and dirty as she was.

    Their romance was a-typical. He was the heir of Bailey a halfblood in his own right, yet rather than purify his lineage, his love of the redhead made him allow some muggleborn to blend into his line. It was a miracle that he accepted the second generation such as herself but their love proved to overcome such a misfortune.

    To his mother, Connor was her sunshine and her biggest accomplishment. And so at an early age, she told him stories of poverty the sometimes ugly reality of life and how blessed he should be to have what he had. In turn, he found himself spending time with his grandparents and their ward, a muggleborn named Rhian. He did like her a lot and always had a soft spot for the brunette with the pretty eyes. His mother told him, that he could always view her a beautiful, but never do what his father did and dismiss her.

    In his own right, Connor went forward with his education and was sorted into  Hufflepuff. There he grew to have a multitude of friends and found popularity due to his friendly disposition. It was during this time that he found himself having a friend who...well he didn't view him the same way. They were in their first year when they were assigned to Herbology together. His name was Ben and since no one wanted to pair up with the Slytherin he found himself volunteering. It was quickly that he realized there was a reason why no one wanted to be around him. The boy was cold, rude and honestly a prat in the worst way. Still, Connor stuck around the boy hoping to make him open up. It was odd, and he at first had thought that the boy disliked him for being a halfblood but it turned out he liked no one.

    Their 'friendship' followed them through the seven years of school so much so that one day, when he found the letter, he realized that their time together had not ended. His acceptance to MAE was a relief to his mother who praised Merlin and Lord Voldemort for allowing their son to continue their lineage and prosper. At the moment he is going to start his second year of dragon trainer and he's excited to see what's to come .

    Father: John William Bailey
    Mother: Lily Bailey (neé Song)
    Siblings: N/A

    Other (Optional)
    Wand: 14' Phoenix Core, Cherry Wood
    Broomstick: Phoenix Zipper 8.0
    Pets: Black pug named Pugglesworth
    School Attended and House: Hufflepuff at Hogwarts

    OOC Alias: Angie

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    PostSubject: Re: Connor William Bailey   Connor William Bailey EmptySun Feb 25 2018, 23:36

    Connor William Bailey Adult_11
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    Connor William Bailey
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