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     In for a Treat (Rhian and Connor)

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    PostSubject: In for a Treat (Rhian and Connor)    Fri Jul 07 2017, 00:32

    The end of summer was a bittersweet thing. For one thing he wanted to spend more time in the sun, with his friends running around the city and mucking around as usual. It was a nice time for him to simply let himself be free, eat all the junk that he wanted, go swimming, spend time just being lazy. It was fantastic.

    This summer was especially special because his childhood friend Tess was moving with them for good. As in she wouldn't run away every September to Beauxbatons and be a big priss about everything. He knew she wasn't too fond of him, but he knew that he could bring some joy to her, if only she went out and saw the imperfections as something that's okay. To be fair for her, all the girls around her were so...fake. With their fake laughs, their shallow conversations and their fluttering lashes his way. In those situations, Tess would thrive playing a part, while he, stuffed his face with shrimp and wiggled away from all the girls wanting his attention for his name.

    'Not even your name but your brothers' he rolled his eyes.

    It was fairly true. He knew where he stood and he had no motivation to get out of the shadow. Who cared? He was happy being himself and he wasn't about to fit into whatever mold given to him.

    For example, at this very moment, he knew he should have gone to shower and read the first Potions chapter prior to class, instead he was in the kitchens hoping to stuff his face with some biscuits. His mouth watered at the thought.
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    Rhian Kael

    Rhian Kael

    Dragon Trainer In Training

    Occupation : Bartender at Hookfang

    PostSubject: Re: In for a Treat (Rhian and Connor)    Fri Jul 07 2017, 01:05

    Looking this way and that down the corridor, Rhian headed quickly towards the kitchens. It wasn't quite curfew, and she knew she would have plenty of time to get up to the seventh floor, but this wasn't exactly where she was supposed to be. Kitchens weren't off limits, per-se, but most students stuck to their alloted meal times and any snacks from Hogsmeade trips.

    Through the last few years, however, Rhian had grown rather fond of the House Elves who worked down here, and they were generally happy to see her. While she had gotten her fill at dinner, the sweets she could only find in the wizarding world had called to her a few moments ago and she'd just had to come visit. Never one to resist pastries and the like, she did appreciate her families Muggle cooking. But....Cauldron Cakes! The Gryffindor could practically taste them already as she opened the large wooden door.

    Surprisingly, another student seemed to have beaten her to the punch. She smiled softly at the idea that she wasn't the only one who appreciated what the kitchen staff made. They work so hard and rarely are thanked, she thought. Her eyes scanning the otherwise empty main room, Rhian slowly moved forward, approaching an empty table for something to do. "Um...hello. Guess I'm not the only one with food on the brain?"

    She wasn't exactly awkward, as far as conversation; classwork and such was not a problem. But chit-chat wasn't her strong suit, and she tried not to wince at how stupid she sounded to herself. Tucking her hair behind one ear, she just hoped he wasn't rude, if anything.
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    PostSubject: Re: In for a Treat (Rhian and Connor)    Fri Jul 07 2017, 01:11

    Ah yes, one of his favorite past times. If it wasn't being in the air hitting a bludger, he wanted to be eating something, especially sweets. He hummed happily as he stuffed his face with two biscuits at once. The elves were amazing that way. During his first year, he had to admit that he was a pudgy boy, and the house elves did not help, instead they fed him more to make him happy. He swore that if he didn't exercise as much as he did, he wouldn't fit the door way.

    "Um...hello. Guess I'm not the only one with food on the brain?"

    The soft spoken girl made him jump in surprise and such was a surprise that he began to choke.

    'What a traitorous biscuit' he thought pathetically as he began to cough.

    "Oh Merlin" he coughed out. "Water"

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    Rhian Kael

    Rhian Kael

    Dragon Trainer In Training

    Occupation : Bartender at Hookfang

    PostSubject: Re: In for a Treat (Rhian and Connor)    Fri Jul 07 2017, 21:40

    Rhian's eyes widened as the boy went from eating to choking in the blink of an eye. She hadn't even realized he'd already been seen to by the Elves and their wonderful baking. Her brow wrinkling as she thought fast, she knew where the sinks were near the back of the room. On normal visits in the past she's used them to wash her hands of anything sticky. Usually she would stop and appreciate the cuteness of the small plumbing, lowered for their height since no witches or wizards worked in here.

    Focus! Not sure which cupboard they kept the glasses in, she cast a quick "Accio cup" and a door flew open to reveal a small glass coming towards her. Filling it quickly, she moved back towards the boy.

    "Here. I'm so sorry." She took his hand as he continued to cough and steadied it as she placed the cup in his hand. The coughs didn't sound nearly as bad as before, but he was still trying to catch his breath.

    "You going to be alright? Can you inhale?" she asked, scanning him for signs of distress. Janine had been a retired nurse. With the few other foster children coming in and out of their home through the years, Rhian had picked up on small things. As long as someone could breathe in they'd be okay.
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    PostSubject: Re: In for a Treat (Rhian and Connor)    

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    In for a Treat (Rhian and Connor)
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