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     Tess Marie Holmes

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    Tess Holmes

    Tess Holmes

    Healer In Training

    Tess Marie Holmes  Empty
    PostSubject: Tess Marie Holmes    Tess Marie Holmes  EmptySun Feb 25 2018, 01:47

    Tess Marie Holmes

    Tess Marie Holmes  E60f456ed23914c10c28bc68e069673d--pretty-people-beautiful-people

    Age: 17
    D.O.B: December 12
    Birthplace: Paris, France
    Current location: Merrywind, UK
    Blood status: Pureblood
    Occupation: Healer in Training

    Hair style and colour: Long Brown hair
    Height: 5'4
    Eye colour: Brown
    Body type: Petite
    Dress sense: Fashionable. The most up to date look for Paris is worn by her at this time.
    Other: Moon tattoo.


    • Books - Being a shy child growing up, books were the best place for her to escape and truly be as adventurous as she always wanted. It comforted her in the loneliest of times.
    • Ocean - The ocean has always brought her peace and she always found herself being lead to there in her darkest times. For her, her dream home would be by the beach so she can be at peace in her mind, body and spirit.
    • Animals - She has a soft spot for animals due to their transparency. They were never complicated and never caused so many issues as humans do.


    • Crowds : Ever since she was young, the idea of being surrounded by a large crowd of people made her claustrophobic. She likes being alone for most of her time and only goes to crowds if absolutely necessary.
    • Arrogance : She has always disliked arrogance as her father oozed it growing up. She finds that the humblest of people should be heard over the boasters.
    • Insects: She has never found a bug that she did like. Even butterflies give her anxiety.


    • Lip Biting: When nervous, or angry she bites her lip to give herself some time to win over.


    • Physical Strength - She has never been too fond of using her fists to defend herself and so in turn, she is not as strong as she pretends she is.
    • Anxiety: From a young age she has dealt with anxiety over the unknown. The more control she has in her life, the less likely that a panic attack might occur.


    • Intelligent: She has always been a bright witch and has known it. From books to magic, she excelled in everything she has tried because she HAS to. Imperfection meant failure in the eyes of her father.
    • Loyal: She loves and cares for every person that has made an impact in her life. She has never once thought that she wasted time on someone that was not worth it, for only a few people have gotten to her and she stands by them.
    • Ambitious: She always strives to reach her goal and so far everything has gone her way. The thought of failure is too horrible to even fathom, so she always pushes for more.
    • Her Voice: Rather than concentrate on using brute strength she found herself being defended by a sharp tongue. A sharper tongue cuts deeper than any sword and she found peace in that.
    • Elemental Magic: Her family has always had a fondness for their element. Her family has used wandless elemental magic like the original witches and wizards. She uses it in combat rather than her wand if she had a preference.


    • Ambitious: It is a double-edged sword. When she was younger, she was seen as a cold individual unwilling to back down and willing to push anyone out of the way if it meant getting her goal. This is still a work in progress.
    • Cold: She has always been seen as a little ice queen. Unapproachable to many, she found herself realizing that she was pushing people away before she even got to know them. Only a few have slipped through the broken ice, and have warmed her heart, but it’s not easy.  
    • Untrusting: It’s hard for her to trust anyone, especially her heart. She has found herself pushing people away before they got the chance to know her and she knows that the thought of getting her heart broken is ten times worse than being alone.  
    • Lack of Spontaneity: She has never been someone to run off and do something wild. From her conservative beginnings, she has always found herself being told that a person without a plan was a fool and she refused to be lesser than that.


    The Holmes family is a very complicated one. She is the third born from a marriage that was never truly considered real. Her father had married only because it had been arranged for political purposes. Aria D’Amour came from a French Background but came from America for her to marry Sherringford Holmes. She was promised as a pureblood family and as soon as her papers proved it, they were married.

    Tess does not remember much about her early childhood. Her grand-mère simply waves it off saying that it's a mere coping mechanism and she's too afraid to disagree. From the pictures that are still left over, his mother truly loved her. Most of her baby pictures are with her, and the only one she does have of her father is the family portrait taken for the estate. Her mother did not last long with them; her older brother Mycroft was born eight years before her and was a successful child. Two miscarriages later and then Winston was born. Winston was the surprise child and while they believed they were done, the trying had to continue. After three miscarriages, Tess was born and many cheered for their was more than one child to be heir. Tess was only three when the true nature of her mother was discovered.

    Her grand-mère was the one to realize that Aria had been stealing money from the Holmes family to her own and had a mudblood lover. As it turns out she was pureblood, but had a separate family. As she soiled herself, she soiled the family. Her father, in a rage, killed her mother. Her grand-mère assured her that was not the case but Tess did not believe her one bit. The rest of her life was filled with orders, expectations and goals that she had to achieve.

    Her father is high member of the Ministry and had the power to cover anything unsightly blemish in their family. Her brother is a success in his own right and he is the perfect child. He was Head Boy in his youth, aced his exams and now works in a minor position within the Ministry. Winston in turn is a District Enforcer in training.  

    Tess on the other hand had a bit tougher road. Her father did not want to look at her at first. Not only was she a girl, but she looked like her mother, at least that’s what her grand-mère said. He sent her to live in Paris for the 13 years after her mother’s death with her grandmother, so she went to Beauxbatons during that time. There she camouflaged herself behind the silk uniforms and the air of propriety that kept people out of her business. She thrived there, having some resemblance of childhood until her father was convinced that she be moved back to London.

    People asked questions and when she was at an adolescent age, and marriage began to be talked about. Thankfully for every prospect that was sent her way she shunned them. Her grand-mère taught her a way to shun them without it being obvious that it was her doing. She managed to go all of Hogwarts without marriage.

    Now, she has just graduated Hogwarts and has been given permission to go to MAE. While she is a lonely girl, she knows that perhaps she has a chance of some normalcy in her world.

    Father: Sherringford Holmes
    Mother: Aria Holmes (neé D'Amour)

    •   Name: Mycroft Holmes
        Age: 27
        Living or Deceased: Living
        Blood type or Species: Pureblood
        Occupation: Ministry Worker

    •  Name: Winston Holmes
        Age: 22
        Living or Deceased: Living
        Blood type or Species: Pureblood
        Occupation: DE


    • Name: Amie Holmes
        Age: 80
        Living or Deceased: Living
        Blood type or Species: Pureblood
        Occupation: Pureblood Socialite

    Other (Optional)
    Wand: 12”, Unicorn, Elder Wood
    Broomstick: N/A
    Pets: Fox Kit: 6 Weeks, adopted.
    School Attended and House: Slytherin

    OOC Alias: Angie

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    Tess Marie Holmes  Empty
    PostSubject: Re: Tess Marie Holmes    Tess Marie Holmes  EmptySun Feb 25 2018, 17:24

    Tess Marie Holmes  Adult_11
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    Tess Marie Holmes
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