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     Kedzie Lorraine

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    Kedzie Lorraine

    Kedzie Lorraine

    Ravenclaw - 5th Year

    Occupation : Student
    OOC : Care

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    PostSubject: Kedzie Lorraine   Kedzie Lorraine EmptyFri May 04 2018, 17:49

    Kedzie Jayne Lorraine

    Kedzie Lorraine C527698_c28af63a015865d2f0cb60b94a4a6838

    Age:  15
    D.O.B: October 31
    Birthplace: England
    Current location: England
    Blood status: HalfbloodPureblood Family Claim)
    Preferred Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff
    Appearance ----------------------------
    Hair style and colour: Straight or Curly depending on her mood. Brown
    Height: 5,6
    Eye colour: Green
    Body type: Slim
    Dress sense: Casual but sometimes edgy
    Other: Her ears and nose pierced

    Likes: Boys, cats, her family, school
    Dislikes: Spiders and centaurs because they frighten her
    Quirks: She sometimes bites her finger nails when nervous
    Flaws: When laughing too hard she sometimes snorts
    Strengths: School, her family
    Weaknesses: Spiders

    Growing up wasn't that bad for Kedzie. When she hit the age of eleven when she was already in Hogwarts, her parents were killed by someone unknown. Kedzie is the only one left in her family and she was put in an orphanage. After the first two years she gave up hope of being adopted and did what she did best and faked her smile. She will always remember her parents since they were the two most important people in her life. Even though they're both dead they're still her strength and she thanks them everyday for that.

    Ever since her parents death she kept to herself and tried not to be a bother to other people. She doesn't mind being by herself as she sees herself ending up alone
    Father: Richard Lorraine
    Mother: Kellyann Lorraine (Nee- Daniet)
    Other: (important people in your character's life)

    Other (Optional)
    Wand: 12 inches, cherry wood, unicorn hair

    OOC Alias: Care

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    PostSubject: Re: Kedzie Lorraine   Kedzie Lorraine EmptyFri May 04 2018, 20:32

    Kedzie Lorraine Ravenc10
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    Kedzie Lorraine
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