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     General Rules

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    PostSubject: General Rules   General Rules EmptyFri Feb 23 2018, 01:41

    General Rules

    • Username: In creating your username, please make it your characters First and Last name, such as "Sally Becket". This allows for ease on the site.

    • Site Timeline: On BTW, we will be move at 3 months In Game = 1 month in Real Life. This means the site month will change every 10 or so days. While you may continue writing your threads past the change, this will help keep the plot continuous. If you wish to do posts/threads further into the past, please utilize the Alternate Timelines area of the site.

      Also, a suggested way to clarify the time your threads are happening is to put a label in the first one. This is by no means required, but may be useful in many ways. An Example:

      June, 2040 || Diagon Alley

    • Word Minimum: This site has a minimum of 100 words per post, in the roleplaying areas. If you have trouble meeting this minimum, work to include more action, observations, thoughts, and other such things from your character. If you are still struggling, pay attention to those users who's writing you admire. Maybe they can give you some tips.

    • Third Person: Here at BTW, we ask that you write in third person at all times while roleplaying. This allows for easier reading, and a consistency throughout the site. Your character's thoughts, however, maybe be written in first person.

    • Original Characters: Please avoid creating a character from another fandom. While we understand that users may pull inspiration from other sources, we do hope that the majority of your character, their background, characteristics, and name, would be of your own creation.

    • Realistic Posting: Be mindful of your character's age and experience during encounters. A first year student would not be able to cast a fully-formed Patronus. Nor would a fifth year be able to successfully duel an adult. Try to be as realistic as possible.

    • Thread Warnings: If there is content in your thread which may cause discomfort to any reader, please place a trigger warning in the title, such as "Speaking the Truth (Warning: Drug Use)". This allows readers to avoid things they wish not to read. If it is something that would be rated R, in any way, we ask that you speak to an Admin. There is an Adult area on the site, which you may gain access to by request.

    • Thread Titles: General titling of threads are left to your creative mind. We do ask, for continuity, that if your thread is intended to be between your character and one other, please include their name in the title, or both names. Such as "Day at the Lake (Chris and Meg)". This allows for others to understand who it is meant for. If you are creating a thread, and you don't care who responds, please label it as "OPEN".

    • Character Count: To ensure that all characters are being well taken care of, we require Admin permission for any more than 3 characters per user. If you have a record of maintaining your characters, we would be happy to allow you more.

    • Godmodding: There is to be no Godmodding, Power-playing, or Meta-gaming on this site. Examples of what NOT to do are:
          - Physically affecting, or harming, another character without the user's permission
          - Insinuating that your character is all powerful and cannot be harmed
          - Reacting to a character's thoughts as if they were available to your character
      Variety is the spice of life. So, instead of making your character good at all things, and able to cast spells perfectly, besides this being unrealistic and rather boring, try to bring creativity to your character through flaws.

    • Site Continuity: Site continuity is important to us. While most of what you see on BTW has been referenced through the Harry Potter Wiki, there may come a time when we deviate slightly. If there are any questions about what you can and cannot do on this site, please ask an Admin.

    • Respect Others: Respect is an important aspect for a smooth-running site. While your characters may not get along, your out of character conduct (in the Chatbox or PM) should be mindful. If you suspect bullying of any kind, please inform an Admin and it will be dealt with accordingly.

    • Chatbox: The Chatbox on BTW is considered a public area. While Admins and Moderators have the ability to clear the Chatbox if needed, they are never required to do so. Therefore, be mindful of what is said in this area, as the rule of respect does apply, and things once spoken cannot be taken back.

    • Avatars: Please keep your Avatar image 170pxl wide or less, so as not to distort the site.

    • We understand that some of you are experienced RP-er's, who may also play on other sites. BTW offers Guest Friendly Advertising. If you wish to advertise, please read the rules before doing so, and help us create connections with your new site.
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    General Rules
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