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     Edan Terrence Ward

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    Edan Ward

    Edan Ward

    Edan Terrence Ward Empty
    PostSubject: Edan Terrence Ward   Edan Terrence Ward EmptyWed Mar 01 2017, 00:18

    Edan Terrence Ward

    Edan Terrence Ward Ffd1d282f5d1769d6c0ca59920cdf6a3


    Age: 12
    D.O.B: October 17
    Birthplace: Scotland
    Current location: Hogwarts
    Blood status: Halfblood
    Prefered Hogwarts House: Slytherin


    Hair style and colour: Light brown
    Height: 4.11 feet
    Eye colour: Hazel, almost grey
    Body type: Slim
    Dress sense: Whatever works, really.
    Other: N/A


    -Playing pranks
    -His friends
    -Long walks in the forest
    -Being outdoors
    -Snakes (they’re really cool, okay?)
    -Reading; he’s quite the book nerd, not that he’d admit it

    -People with no sense of humour
    -People who act like they are superior to others
    -Being bored
    -Swimming (playing in water is fine)

    -He tends to make book references whether or not people understand them and doesn’t apologise for it
    -He likes to make people uncomfortable by bringing up controversial things, whether or not he believes in it (he likes to play devil’s advocate, just for the heck of it)

    -He tends to go overboard with his pranks, sometimes, because he thinks everyone should have a sense of humour
    -Slightly arrogant; he thinks he’s smart (which he is, unfortunately) and isn’t afraid to correct people in a condescending tone
    -Lazy; he doesn’t exactly work hard at things if he doesn’t like it
    -He can be somewhat blunt at times and inadvertently hurt people by what he says

    Strengths/Positive traits:
    -Memorising things
    -He’s a fast reader
    -Very sharp in noticing things
    -Genuine in his intentions; if he does something, he does it because he wants to and no other reason (you can’t force him to do something if he doesn’t believe in it)
    -Helpful to those he likes

    -Long lectures
    -A good book
    -An opportunity to play pranks on people


    Edan was adopted as a baby. His birth mother was a witch whose birth control potion had, somehow, failed; at the age of 20 and unwed, she didn’t want to have children and knew she wouldn’t be able to provide a stable home for her child. Deciding not to get an abortion, she instead gave him up for adoption the moment he was born, not even giving him a name.

    He was adopted by Lauren and Eric Ward, who already had two other children -- five year old twins, Cooper and Audrina. When he was five, his parents adopted a two year old girl, completing the family. His parents were always very open, and from the moment he was old enough to understand, he was told he was adopted -- not because he was lesser of their son, but because they felt he had a right to know his origins and that, no matter what happened in life, he was chosen and wanted. The environment Edan was raised in, therefore, was always warm and loving, and he grew up happy.

    He was ten when his birth mother, with permission of his parents, contacted him. Maryanne was no longer a wild 20 year old, having settled down a few years previously with a man. She had three children of her own and her one regret was never having been involved with Edan.

    Having no ill feelings about her, Edan agreed to visiting her one weekend where he was introduced to his step-siblings and his stepfather. Maryanne refused to allow Edan to call her ‘mum’, telling him that she gave up that right when she gave him up despite his parents being the ones who suggested he call her that; instead, he calls her ‘Aunty’.

    He visits them almost every weekend and is very content with the rather odd situation.

    His father has four other siblings and his mother has three, so Edan is used to large family gatherings where his older cousins (from different parts of the world, and therefore attend other magic schools) often give him prompters on what pranks he can pull.


    Father: Eric Ward
    Mother: Lauren Ward
    -Cooper (male || 17 || 7th year Gryffindor)
    -Audrina (female || 17 || 7th year Hufflepuff)
    -Chloe (female || 9)

    Birth Mother: Maryanne Palmer
    Stepfather: Andy Palmer
    -Simon (male || 6)
    -Helen (female || 4)
    -Kaleb (male || 3)

    Other (Optional)

    Wand: Sycamore wood, dragon heartstring, 9 inches
    Broomstick: The lastest one
    Pets: An owl named Bob (after the skull in Dresden Files)


    OOC Alias: Melanie
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    Teagan Finn

    Teagan Finn

    Hogwarts Staff

    Edan Terrence Ward Empty
    PostSubject: Re: Edan Terrence Ward   Edan Terrence Ward EmptySat Mar 18 2017, 23:47

    Edan Terrence Ward Slythe10
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    Edan Terrence Ward
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