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September: As summer gives way to the more cooler days of fall, students and staff return to Hogwarts for another year. New classes, students, and friends present endless possibilities. What will this new year hold for you!
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     (First and Second Years) Lesson One

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    Thomas Selkin

    PostSubject: (First and Second Years) Lesson One    Fri Apr 01 2016, 14:03

    Thomas hummed a jolly tune as he woke up that morning. It was the first day of lessons after all! He wasn't typically a morning person, but here he was happily brushing his teeth as he turned Spotify on to listen to some music he'd been browsing for all night. He found that alternative music was his type of 'jams'; he winced as he spit out his frothy toothpaste upon the realization that he sounded old when he said the word 'jams'. He needed to stop doing that, he thought as he made his coffee while he ate his toast. As he looked out the window of his apartment, he spotted a beautiful finch in the park adjacent. He smiled softly thinking back to a 'click-bait' ad he'd found on the internet about 'nature symbols' and how a finch symbolized high-energy and joy. Basically the finch was a good symbol and he was taking it as a sign that today was going to be a good day.

    With that in mind, he rolled up his sleeves, tied his robes tight, grabbed his briefcase, and headed to school. He hummed the same happy tune as he entered his classroom, and sipped his coffee; waiting for his students to arrive.


    Do not cry because it happened; smile because it's over.
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    (First and Second Years) Lesson One
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