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     If I Never See Your Face Again (One-Shot)

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    Tess Holmes

    Tess Holmes

    Healer In Training

    If I Never See Your Face Again (One-Shot) Empty
    PostSubject: If I Never See Your Face Again (One-Shot)   If I Never See Your Face Again (One-Shot) EmptySun Mar 04 2018, 23:53

    A date. She could do a date right? Tess convinced herself of this over and over again as she sat down in front of her beauty stand and checked her makeup once over. The goal was simple enough; for every date that she set up for Rhian she would be forced to attend one herself.

    Her brother Winston had been easily pushed to help out Rhian. He was the only one that she confided in that thought while weird for her to have a muggleborn friend, he wouldn't judge it. He found it hilarious though, when Mycroft heard them talking about dating and decided he too wanted to set her up on a date with a 'proper' gentleman.  Her brothers were prats.

    So the first pick was Mycrofts. She knew it would be a boring one, and she did hope that in turn Bryant, was nice enough to Rhian that they could go on a few more. She had been charmed by his blue eyes and wide smile, but she really wasn't into blonds. So as she looked at herself once over she hummed.  The dress was simple enough, a nice flowery sundress with platform heels and a tiny cardigan to keep her warm. Her hair had been in a high ponytail to look proper and she apparated to her location.

    Daniel || 19 || Potioneer - Pureblood

    As soon as she entered the small cafe in the middle of Kensington, she greeted the waiter. The moment that she told them who she was, they immediately walked her over to her date that was apparently waiting for her already. The first thing she noticed was simple enough; he had big blue eyes, a strong chin and...and short. She herself wasn't the tallest girl but he was about two inches taller than her. She rationalized that she was wearing proper heels so it would make a difference.

    Still, as he kissed her hand, she felt a blush rise as she smiled shyly and sat across from him. He in turn sat comfortably across from her and he began to chat.

    "Hi I'm Daniel, your brother told me you were brilliant, but he never once mentioned that you pretty." He said nervously.

    "Is that a problem?" she asked a bit amused and uncomfortable.

    "W-well  you did just survive Avada Kedavra"

    "What?" she tilted her head.

    "You know cause you're drop dead gorgeous?"

    Before she could laugh or show any sort of amusement his comment was follow with his own snort laugh. It was horrifying and embarrassing, so much so she found herself laughing at the horrifying noises coming from his face. Her cheeks reddened at the scene before her.

    It was one joke though, it couldn't get worse right?


    She was wrong. It seemed that whenever he felt a quiet moment happen, he would make a joke hoping to fix it. The worse part of it all was that he found himself hilarious, so for every joke a snort laugh came her way.

    So far the worst ones had been:

    Your kiss must be like a dementor's........It takes my soul away!

    Did you just use the stupify charm or are you a natural stunner?

    If I were to look into the Mirror of Erised, I'd see the two of us together.

    She hoped to Merlin that the date had been successful to Rhian, especially as another snort came her way.

    "I have to go" she blurted out before anything could continue further. Before he could ask what was going on, she walked out never once looking back. Charming or not, she could not stand another bad joke over crappy lunch.

    "Rhian, I hope you found a boyfriend." she muttered as she apparated.

    George || 20|| Quidditch Player - Pureblood

    So it seemed that the first date of Rhian's was an absolute disaster. It was so bad that in fact when she heard about it she had apparated to his home and berated him upset at how rude he was. When he went on and on about blood purity she found herself crushing his spirit by remembering how he was dirty to her, so much more once he casually forgot his grandmother was once a muggleborn.

    After her own disaster, Winston had promised he would fix it and picked one of his mates who apparantly had a thing for her. She groaned but agreed, so long as Rhian got another date too. So this time around it was a simple stroll down Paris as a date. She wore a pair of tight pants, a teal blouse and her hair was down, trying to be more casual for something that seemed more down to earth.

    As they met at the Champs-Élysées, she found herself surprised at the decision that Winston had. For one thing this boy was huge. He was six feet tall, and was very buff, so much so she grew a bit intimidated once she realized how small she was compared to him.

    The moment he saw her in turn he smiled widely happy to see that his mate had followed through his promise. Apparently Malik had been his choice for Rhian much to her nervousness.


    "Hi I'm George" he grabbed her hand, a bit roughly and kissed it. She winced but hid it behind a forced smile.

    "Should we get on with our date?" she asked.

    "Oh sure!" Before she could say anything else, he grabbed her hand roughly and tugged her along the street.

    It seemed the idea of a gentle giant that she was hoping for was not the case. His grip was tight but he looked so casual as he walked she knew he was clueless to his own strength.

    "Um, George...would you mind not holding me so.." she signaled her own hand that was beginning to turn red.

    "Oh jeez sure! I'm not used to dealing with princesses you know?" He laughed it off and patted her back as a joke, that she stumbled.

    She was first insulted at the idea of being called a princess. That joke irked her more than she cared to admit, even more so once she realized that it followed her as a reputation. She didn't think she was too prissy, but her hand was red from his holding and her back. Her nails dug into her hand in annoyance. Retaining her anger she turned around to look at him.

    "If you didn't want to deal with princesses then why did you ask Winston about me?"

    He shrugged.

    "Want me to be honest?"


    "Well I remember in school everyone named you the ice princess. So I wanted to see if that was true. You can't possibly be a frigid as they say right? So one date, and I know I can turn that tight smile into a nice one. You are way too tense"

    Whatever kind of response she was expecting this was not it. He was nice, but incredibly stupid. She knew her reputation as an ice queen followed her but this was a bit much. Trying to give it a chance, she continued their walk.

    Their conversations were short, surface level. He never once asked about her, and instead went on an on about quidditch acting as if she had never heard of the game. It was incredibly patronizing and annoying. In turn her mind wandered thinking about her homework and if she could get another tutoring session in.

    The end of the night thankfully came and she found herself smiling blandly at him. He seemed to think this was definitely better than she did. For before she could greet him goodbye, he went in for a kiss.

    "Mphh!!" she cried out in surprise.

    His large frame scared her. And so before she could even control her emotions, a jelly leg hex came out of her wand without meaning to. Her hand had simply grazed against it in her purse but that was enough. She was done. As he fell over and groaned in pain she stood over him angrily.

    "Nope! You can...fuck off"

    She never cursed but this seemed like the right moment before apparating.

    Later that night...

    "You" swat. "Are" hit"the"swat again"worse"light punch"brother!"

    "Agh Tee stop!!!" Winston whined.

    The first thing she had done when arriving was climb onto her brother and began hitting him with her purse, her hands and her fists. He was stronger than her, yet he did nothing out of sheer surprise and at her size.

    "Stop it! He didn't seem that much of a prat when I talked to him! Ow! Was that your elbow?!"

    One punch in the rib, a yelp and it seemed that this was over. Mycroft easily picked up the youngest sibling and pulled her away. Winston laid there annoyed at the bruised ego and laughed hysterically as she began to rant about what happened.

    "Enough, one more and I will choose a proper date" Mycroft said.

    "There is not going to be another one!" she screeched.

    Scott || 21 || Politician's Son - Pureblood

    "And so I was like. How dare you wear last season's cloaks to this auction. Are you that poor?" he gufawed at this story.

    In turn Tess took a big gulp of her wine and nodded. This was absolutely the worse date in her life. She even wished that she had that donkey laughing Potioneer here rather than Scott.

    Scott Sire was handsome, really handsome and her type: Tall, sharply dressed, and beautiful green eyes. A man in a suit was her weakness and he truly wore one well. Their reason for a date was simple enough: Winston chose the worse person for Rhian and she had been furious at the fact that the teen not only hated purebloods, but sexually harassed Rhian. She had been so angry that she had gone out of her way to reach out to someone that had to be right.

    So the third date meant that she too had to have one. And so there she was, wearing an expensive dress, and attending a gala with her date. It seemed that Scott had been someone that her father had wished for her to meet a while ago and she continued to dodge every opportunity given.

    As they met and he kissed her hand she had felt her heart skip a beat as he smiled so charming at her.  Mycroft had promised her someone smart, politically savvy and charming. And at first she had gotten that and she found herself having fun. They danced, and talked about the families that had attended. But it was when he began his anecdotes that she found wine more and more appealing.

    "Honestly, can you believe they thought that I would want mudbloods to work at this party?! I don't wand to get sick."

    A tight grip on her glass made her retain her anger. Gulping wine once more she forced herself to bite back her tongue. The Sire family was helping her father with the next election so he could pass a statute he was interested in. So she knew she treaded lightly. But when he disparaged muggleborns in such a way it hurt to hear. She was not the best person in the world, but she would never say those words, especially as Rhian was her closes ally.

    "Don't you think you're being a bit harsh? They only mean to work Scott." she murmured.

    He turned over and shook his head. Very lightly he brought his hand onto her cheek and brought her closer to kiss her cheek. She blushed.

    "You're a beautiful girl Tess. But you are letting your feminine sensibilities and sensitivity guide your tongue." he pulled her closer to dance and he continued to chastise her. "A young girl like you should instead think about what gown to wear for our next event, not whether job availability is there for those dirty mudbloods. That's something that we decide. Do not worry, if you care so much about mudbloods, I'll get you one to serve you."

    "I-I don't need that" she looked surprised at the gall in his tone. He was so sure about what he was saying and it disgusted her.

    "Don't worry, your family won't find it so scandalous once I attend your home to properly start courting you."

    "W-what? So soon? Don't you think we should talk a little more?"

    Scott laughed. "Surely no. You dance lovely, you dress up to date and you have a good head on your shoulders. A proper girl for a proper gentleman."

    She wanted to run out, but she knew the consequences. So the rest of the night she would find female 'friends' and introduce them to Scott hoping another would entice him more than she ever could.


    At the end of the night, she found herself apparating to the front of her flat. Her bare feet touched the dirty floor as she held her stilletos tightly on her right hand. She was incredibly drunk. It seemed that at some point she had made up a game: for every bigoted comment out of Scott's mouth she would take a gulp of wine. And boy was she sloshed. Their night had thankfully ended as a buxom blonde began to talk to him and he fell for it. Before he could even realize what happened she had left.

    Stumbling into her flat, she locked it, and she found herself throwing her things to the side along with her dress. She wanted to shower but knew better, instead she crawled into bed and got her two- way mirror to properly chat with the one person she wanted to talk to.


    "I love you so much" she slurred out.

    "I love you too...Are you sloshed?"

    "I don't care that you're muggleborn, you're an amazing person. Yes I'm sloshed"

    Laughter came from the phone. Rhian always understood how she was and never judged her for her stupid decisions. And now she chatted with her knowing that sleep would be gone for a bit.

    "Did you like him?" Tess asked.

    "Oh yes..thank you"

    "Thank Merlin! Rhi, I can't go on another date. I hate them, the small talk, the touching, the chauvinistic comments. This hurts meeeee"

    The whine was a real one and Rhian cooed in hopes of fixing her. Both of them chatted before both passed out with their two-way mirror still connected. This was the only bond that she needed, Tess was sure of it.

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    If I Never See Your Face Again (One-Shot)
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