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     Frequently Asked Questions

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    PostSubject: Frequently Asked Questions   Frequently Asked Questions EmptyMon Feb 26 2018, 22:49

    As questions come up, especially in the "alternate world" of BTW, we hope to clear some of them up here. Please feel free to reply with any questions you may have, if an Admin is not available, and you will have an answer as soon as possible.

    • How fast does time move on this site?
      As stated in the General Rules, this site is work on a "1 month Real Life = 3 months In Game" time frame. The Admins will make the necessary changes to the site when the month changes, which will happen about every 10 or so days.

      You are welcome to continue your threads past these changes. We simply use this as a way to continuously move the site forward.

    • When are Muggleborn children removed from their Muggle family's home?
      As soon as their magic presents itself, they are tracked by the Department of Muggle Registration. A Ministry representative is then dispatched to the Muggle home to collect the child as soon as possible (within the hour). This allows for as swift a process as possible, to avoid lasting harm to the new witch or wizard. With help from the representative, the child is able to magically suppress the memories of their family's terrible reactions to their magical abilities, to save them from any potential trauma. They are then placed with a Muggleborn or Halfblood family within the magical community as a ward. If none are available, they are always welcome at  Underhollow Orphanage.

    • What memories are suppressed when a child is taken from their Muggle family?
      In the BTW universe, it is the practice of Ministry representatives to aid in blocking memories of the child's memories of their family's negative reactions to their magic. If you wish to have other memories be repressed, for any reason, you may do so. This is a choice for your character. If this is done, please make it clear in your profile. For example: if a car accident triggered your character's magic, you may choose the character to remember the accident or to have it completely wiped from their memory. If you have further questions about this, please reach out to an Admin.

    • Can a Muggle marry a Witch or Wizard?
      Unfortunately no. In the BTW universe, the focus of magical marriages is to solidify lineages and strengthen magical ties. It would not be beneficial to the wizarding community to mix non-magical blood into the system. Also, it is known that Muggles react poorly, if not violently, to the knowledge of a magical world. This deters even Muggleborns from fraternizing with Muggles in any sort of romantic way.
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    Frequently Asked Questions
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