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     Piper Humphries [WIP]

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    Piper Humphries

    Piper Humphries

    OOC : Buttercup

    PostSubject: Piper Humphries [WIP]   Mon Feb 26 2018, 01:32

    Piper Louise Humphries

    Age: 15
    D.O.B: 12 February
    Birthplace: Gravesend, UK
    Current location: Hogwarts/London
    Blood status: Halfborn
    Preferred Hogwarts House: 1st - Gryffindor, 2nd - Hufflepuff

    Hair style and colour: Long, straight and dark
    Height: 177 cm.
    Eye colour: Brown
    Body type: Slim
    Dress sense: Jeans and whatever shirt she can find, but during class she wears her uniform.
    Other: Piper has a couple of tattoos here and there, which she shouldn't have gotten in the first place...Most of them are in her hands, but they're meaningless, really.

    Likes: Getting in trouble, dogs, hiking, the ocean, the city, warm weather, trains, macaroni and cheese, thunder, boys, girls, staying up late, conspiracy theories.
    Dislikes: Getting in trouble, the city, farms, reading, people with no manners, tea, mustard yellow, cigarette smoke, the zoo.
    Quirks: Piper refuses to hurt any animal - for whatever reason. She's also a vegan. She refuses to wear mustard yellow as she believes the color is overrated. Her socks never match, and she's a bit of a pyromaniac.
    Flaws: When she falls in love, she falls wayyy too easily, but she tries to always be the first one to end a relationship. She tends to believe she's always right, and her stubbornness makes her close off to new perspectives. Although she's very smart, Piper cannot stay still during class, or in any other situation. She's definitely dramatic and she enjoys it.
    Strengths: She's very independent and self reliant, as well as adventurous and loyal. She knows a lot of people, but only a few of them manage to get to know her on a deeper, personal level - and she will do anything for those friends. Piper is caring and passionate, and she tends to put others first. She's gifted in curses and hexes, as well as healing magic.
    Weaknesses: Piper is stubborn, loud and bold. She calls it as she sees it, without much thought on who she may offend. She also likes to socialize more than pay attention in class. She sucks at Transfiguration and her potions somehow always end up the wrong consistency.

    At 15, Piper is joyous and bright. She hasn't had much to complain about except her mother's absence. Ever since she can remember, it has always been Scott and Piper - father and daughter. An engineer, Scott struggled to care for young Piper after his wife decided that having a child was not really what she wanted. His life soon revolved around his daughter and he now had to pay nanny after nanny as Piper terrorized them enough to make them quit. As a child, she was troublesome and had a tendency to throw tantrums if she didn't get her way.

    [how did they find out she's a witch]

    [early teen years + hogwarts]

    Father: Scott Humphries
    Mother: Unknown
    Other: To be added

    Other (Optional)
    Wand: 10 1/2 inches, acacia wood, phoenix feather core, unyielding.
    Broomstick: None, she doesn't care for flying.
    Pets: Hades - Black Labrador, 3 years old, male. Zeus - Yellow Labrador, 4 years old, male.

    OOC Alias: Buttercup
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    Piper Humphries [WIP]
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