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     Wolfsbane Hollow - Description

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    Wolfsbane Hollow - Description Empty
    PostSubject: Wolfsbane Hollow - Description   Wolfsbane Hollow - Description EmptySat Feb 24 2018, 22:16

    Wolfsbane Hollow

    If the lavish life of Merrywind, or the hustle and bustle of Mistwick, is not for you, Wolfsbane Hollow is your perfect neighborhood. Founded in the early days of wizarding society, it got its name from its darker alcoves, where Aconite thrives.
    Known to be foggy, it is said that sunlight never completely reaches Wolfsbane Hollow. Within the busy streets, the main source of business goers and owners are Mudbloods. The dwellings are known to be affordable for people these citizens, and they wish to be among their own people. Money might always be tight, but the town continues to thrive.
    Boarding houses are common, with more than one family sharing living quarters. It’s cozy, safe, and everyone knows one another. Though, it must be said that there have been instances of creature sightings and attacks. It is not understood why creatures inhabit these areas, but visitors say that if the money is good, then no questions will be asked.

    Wolfsbane Hollow - Description Mb110

    Wolfsbane Hollow - Description Mb210

    (Photos for inspiration)
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    Wolfsbane Hollow - Description
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