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     Halfblood Handbook

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    PostSubject: Halfblood Handbook   Halfblood Handbook EmptySat Feb 24 2018, 17:13

    Halfblood Handbook

    Halfblood Handbook Hb_moo10

    Once you have read the Site Plot, you should understand that BTW is working within an "alternate timeline" from the books. The following information will help you to better create and play your character within the designed world.

    • Marriage: Halfbloods are allowed to marry other Halfbloods, Muggleborns, or Purebloods. This is to further the purity of blood and magic.

    • Changing Blood Status: If a Halfblood and Pureblood marriage produces a child, the child will be considered a Halfblood still. It is not until the third generation that a child is considered a legal Pureblood. For example:
                       HB (1st generation) + PB = HB (2nd generation)
                       HB (2nd generation) + PB = PB

      If a Muggleborn and Halfblood marriage produces a child, the child will be considered a Muggleborn still. It is not until the third generation that a child is considered a legal Halfblood. For example:
      MB (1st generation) + HB = MB (2nd generation)
      MB (2nd generation) + HB = HB

    • Housing: To ensure safety for all within the magical community, the Ministry has designated living areas for each wizarding family, based on blood status. The head of the household dictates which area a family will live in. There is no choice in this matter, as it is strictly regulated by District Enforcers.

    • Jobs: Due to their lesser magical purity, the wizarding world includes designated jobs best suited for Halfbloods. However, in the case of the unlikely event that a Halfblood shows the aptitude for a job otherwise unavailable to them, that witch or wizard may petition the Ministry for a permit of employment. This permit allows the Halfblood to work at any Pureblood ranked job for a period of 6 months. At the end of this time, a Ministry representative will evaluate the Halfblood's job performance, and decide whether they are fit to continue or not.

    • Views on Blood: For centuries now, Halfbloods have understood that, while they lack the purity of blood that Purebloods hold, they are far more fortunate than their Muggleborn counterparts. As the middle tier of wizarding society, Halfbloods enjoy greater employment freedoms and housing better suited to their magical abilities. While individual Halfbloods may regard Purebloods or Muggleborns with distain, there is no generalized hate. Instead, there is a clear understanding that these separations are for the best.

    • Blood Status Tattoo: Upon birth, Halfblood children receive the half moon tattoo of their station. This magical, painless tattoo is positioned on the right hand, on the muscle below the first finger. This allows for clear identification throughout their lives.
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    Halfblood Handbook
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