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September: As summer gives way to the more cooler days of fall, students and staff return to Hogwarts for another year. New classes, students, and friends present endless possibilities. What will this new year hold for you!
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     Why are there no maps? (Rhian & Tess)

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    Rhian Kael


    Gryffindor - 4th Year

    PostSubject: Why are there no maps? (Rhian & Tess)   Fri Jul 07 2017, 00:07

    The giggling never seemed to stop. Just a few minutes, that's all I'm asking! Rhian thought to herself. Sure, it'd been months since she'd seen any of these girls, but from the way they spoke, many of them had visited one another over the break. So there was really no reason for all of this excessive...noise. Rubbing at her temple, the beginnings of a headache starting to form, the Gryffindor grabbed a random book out of her trunk and made her way through the Common Room and out into the halls.

    There was still a day or so left for everyone to settle in before classes, which always made Rhian uneasy. It wasn't that she was unfriendly to her classmates, but she'd not really made any connections her first three years at the castle. She worked fine with others in class, and didn't really mind the day to day workings of eating with people she just made light conversation with. But times like this, with so much enthusiasm around, a small ache in her chest reminded her of the hole in her social life.

    It is what it is, she reminded herself, making her way down the moving staircases, with no real intended destination. There were any number of nooks and crannies she liked to frequent when she wanted time to read, or she could go sit on the grounds, maybe by the lake. Her mind wandering at the possibilities, she touched down on the fifth floor and started through the halls.
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    Tess Holmes


    Slytherin - 4th Year

    PostSubject: Re: Why are there no maps? (Rhian & Tess)   Fri Jul 07 2017, 00:17

    Tess prided herself in her immaculate sense of direction, or at least that's what she thought until she moved to Hogwarts. Her move was a reluctant one; Anthony insisted that she moved so they could be a real family. She rolled her eyes at the mere idea of it all. While she....cared for her godfather, she was not sure that she could see herself fitting into the mold that he wanted her to do.

    Isn't it bad enough that I'm here? Isn't that a big enough show that I care?

    She had heard him admit to her grandmere that a part of the move was because she was not socializing as she should. Beauxbatons was beautiful and charming and a place she blended in, but there was no one that she wrote to in the summer. There was no one that wished to visit her in the estate. No one but Connor that is, but that buffoon did not count.

    When she was sorted, he kept muttering how he hoped she fell in Hufflepuff, she doubted it, especially when at her private sortin the hat mulled over Slytherin or Ravenclaw. Nonetheless Connor,  had insisted he show her around, after her sorting. And when she went out, the plans fizzled as he was pulled by his lads in hopes of getting new gear for Quidditch. She didn't mind, she didn't want his help anyways. But as she walked down the hallways and she went up a flight of moving stairs....she wasn't quite sure where she was. She knew going down meant heading towards the dormitories, but where in blazes was the library?

    She wrinkled her nose in annoyance. Just how many flights of stairs were there?
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    Rhian Kael


    Gryffindor - 4th Year

    PostSubject: Re: Why are there no maps? (Rhian & Tess)   Fri Jul 07 2017, 00:34

    Wandering the fifth floor corridors, Rhian decided maybe the grounds would be best. A warm breeze blew in through the windows and she caught the soft scent of flowers. Turning around, she headed back towards the stairs.

    A couple younger students, boys, flew past her at a run, paying no mind to others. Smiling, Rhian's eyes fell on a girl standing just by the stairs. The expression on her face was common around the halls this time of year, and the Gryffindor assumed she was as lost as a first year, though she didn't look like one. Pressing her lips together as she took a minute to breathe, Rhian figured she should do the friendly thing and see if the girl needed anything.

    "Hi", she greeted, trying to sound pleasant enough to the stranger. Since it wasn't a class day, they weren't required to wear robes. This made it hard to tell what house the other brunette was in. "Did you...I mean, you look like you could use a little help." Wow, that sounded bad if the girl wasn't new here. But Rhian was pretty good with faces, and hers didn't look familiar.

    "If not, that's okay." The words tumbled out of her mouth on their own. Chastising herself silently, her Janine's words swam through her head. "Why are you always doubting yourself?" The girl didn't really know. But she'd promised her foster mom that she'd try to socialize more this year. Here we go.
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    Tess Holmes


    Slytherin - 4th Year

    PostSubject: Re: Why are there no maps? (Rhian & Tess)   Fri Jul 07 2017, 00:55

    Tess closed her eyes and began to think about the steps she had taken. Orientation was a hard thing when the usually standard things, such as stairs, were now seen as a new variable. She huffed, she was capable of dong so much, at Beauxbatons, she excelled in anything new, from dance, to song, to horse riding, aside from the actual academics. From what she had seen so far, people enjoyed spending their times with Quidditch, eating, or playing pranks with other children. If she feared fitting in before, it was now a reality.

    For the first time in her life she felt...alone? No that was not the right word: Helpless. Yes, helpless was a better fit. All she wanted was to read in the library and get a sense as to what this school was really about. Her frustration grew.


    Well that was unexpected. Turning around she saw a girl around her height looking at her and she returned her own with just as much curiosity.

    "Did you...I mean, you look like you could use a little help."

    Her initial instinct was to deny it and pretend she knew exactly what she was doing, but the prospect of having to figure this out herself, forced her to put aside her pride. She parted her lips when the strange girl continued speaking.

    "If not, that's okay."

    Her tone showed her wary towards speaking with her and Tess wondered if it was something she said in her body language. For her, it was not what you said, but how it was said and for her, it screamed cold.

    "I-I wouldn't mind some help" she murmured softly, her intonation sounded a bit French even to her own ears. That was the hard part about coming to Hogwarts, the routine of speaking only English.

    "Would you happen to know where the library might be?"
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    Rhian Kael


    Gryffindor - 4th Year

    PostSubject: Re: Why are there no maps? (Rhian & Tess)   Fri Jul 07 2017, 01:23

    Well, okay then, Rhian thought to herself. The accent was not expected at all. Then it hit her. During the sorting ceremony the night before, the Headmistress had mentioned a transfer. It wasn't common, but neither unheard of. The girl had stuck out like a sore thumb among the first years all huddled in front before the hat. It was odd, then, that she hadn't recognized the brunette.

    Then again, she hadn't been paying much attention. While she was excited for the first years, the new adventure they were embarking on, as she got older Rhian realized that she interacted less and less with the youngest students. Classes kept them separate for the most part, and they tended to band together like so many ducks around a pond.

    At mention of the library, Rhian couldn't help her genuine smile. Some students avoided the quiet haven like the plague, but she'd grown to love it through the years. The smell alone made her feel at home, all those old tombs. "Of course," she started, "you're a couple floors too high. I can show you the way."

    Gesturing for the girl to join her, the brunette guided them down the stairs to the third floor. The staircases themselves were an odd thing to get used to, but she'd learned to give herself ample time to get anywhere. Assume that conversation was probably a good thing, she searched for something to say.

    "You're the transfer right?" she asked. French meant Beaubatons, so there was really no question there. "I'm Rhian. Sorry I didn't really catch your name yesterday."
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    Tess Holmes


    Slytherin - 4th Year

    PostSubject: Re: Why are there no maps? (Rhian & Tess)   Fri Jul 07 2017, 23:59

    Tess had to admit that she was a bit embarrassed at just how she sounded. Her tone was unsure, and she hated not knowing things and asking for help. At least the girl in front of her looked friendly? It was hard to tell now adays. Nonetheless, when the girl smiled at her, she felt a bit of untwisting in her stomach. This couldn't be that bad right?

    "Of course," she started, "you're a couple floors too high. I can show you the way."

    She felt her cheeks flush at just how far she was from her location. It was pretty clear that if she was off by that much, she would have missed the day doing this. Nonetheless as she was gestured to follow, she did as told. The closer they went down the first flight, it seemed small talk would have to happen.

    'Oh No' she thought. She was not very good at small talk.

    "You're the transfer right?" she asked."I'm Rhian. Sorry I didn't really catch your name yesterday."

    "Tess" she replied softly. "My name is Tess, I'm was previous studying in Beauxbatons. What house are you in?"

    Houses were a foreign thing to her as they had none of that in her former school. But Connor had briefly told her that it was important.
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    PostSubject: Re: Why are there no maps? (Rhian & Tess)   

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    Why are there no maps? (Rhian & Tess)
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