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     Rhian Kael

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    Rhian Kael


    Dragon Trainer In Training

    OOC : Tiffany

    PostSubject: Rhian Kael   Thu Jul 06 2017, 00:20

    Rhian Nicoletta Kael

    Age: 17
    D.O.B: 24 July
    Birthplace: North Carolina, US
    Current location: Wolfsbane Hollow
    Blood status: Muggleborn
    Occupation: Dragon Trainer in Training

    Hair style and colour: Long, slightly wavy brunette
    Eye colour: Green
    Body type: Lithe, toned but not overly so
    Dress sense: On a normal day, she dresses casual. Her sense is basic, tending towards dark or jewel tone colors. She can dress up, but she’s not used to it, nor comfortable
    Other: Crescent Moon Blood Status Tattoo. A puncture scar on her left shoulder, above collar bone. Over the years it's healed into a silvery star-like shape

    Likes: Lilacs and pine. Most creatures, but Moon Calves are her favorite. Collecting used books
    Dislikes: Large crowds. Overactive people. Intentional dishonesty
    Quirks: Hums to herself when deep in thought, sometimes when she’s not even thinking. Twirls a curl when daydreaming
    Flaws: Doesn’t try to leave an impression with people. She tends to try to do things on her own, rather than asking for help
    Strengths: She’s good with animals, and that generally transfers over with people, in interacting with their temperaments. Quiet intelligence, though she doesn’t flaunt it
    Weaknesses: Insecure with strangers. Doesn’t think she’s good enough for people, so sticks to animals

    Rhian and her younger sister, Elena, were born to a Muggle family in the States. Her parents owned a veterinary clinic, where she learned to love animals of all kinds from a very young age. When Rhian was eight, they moved their practice to England, so they could be closer to her mother’s father, who’s health was taking a turn for the worse. It was in his home, one average winter day two years later, that the two girls were found laughing and playing in the garden. What should have been a fond sisterly moment, taking turns making the flowers change colors, became a catalyst for the rest of their lives. All Rhian can remember from that day is holding a five year old Elena close and wishing for it to be over.

    A Ministry representative, she never remembered the woman’s name, was charged with seeing her through the Warding Process. In a small office of the Muggle Registration Department, the magical world was revealed to Rhian, along with the truth of how her parents had turned on the girls when they found them casting charms. Luckily, the representative had arrived just in time to save the pair, and they were now in the process of finding good, caring families for them. “All will be well,” she was assured.

    And it was. As well as it could be. Quite old for a ward, compared to most around Elena’s age, Rhian was placed with an older couple, the Song’s. Lavender was a born Mudblood from Mistwick, who’d married Atticus, a Halfblood. Due to Lavender’s lineage, her daughter was a Halfblood, as well as their grandson, Connor. The lot of them lived in a townhouse, which Rhian had to get used to. There was less open space than she’d been used to, and she missed the gardens she used to play in when she was young.

    When it was time to attend Hogwarts, Connor helped her learn the ropes a bit, being two years older than her. While he was a Hufflepuff, she was sorted quickly into Gryffindor, forcing her to be on her own once again. She tried to make new friends with those of her year, but it was hard for her to open up. With all the moving about, Rhian had developed a feeling of unease in life, not really trusting that anything was permanent. Whether it be her living situation, friends, or loved ones. Even Elena, though the years, seemed to grow distant as she grew into her new life.

    Summers and holidays back home became more difficult as the years went by. While Lavender and Atticus were more than welcoming to her, doing everything they could to make her comfortable, their son-in-law found it difficult to hide his dislike of Rhian’s blood status. He wasn’t outright rude about it, like some people in the community could be, but the young witch could definitely tell she was less welcomed in their flat, no matter what the others said. Likewise, her time around the neighborhood, and when she started dish washing at Hookfang after fifth year, she noticed the wary look on the faces of the more established Halfbloods and occasional Purebloods she crossed paths with.

    Unlike those witches and wizards, Rhian had a surprisingly strong friendship with a Pureblood Slytherin, Tess. Strongly confident that Tess’s family had no idea of the friendship, Rhian was thankful the other girl didn’t share their views. After graduation, Rhian received a surprising acceptance letter from Merlin’s Academy, one she never saw coming. Sure, she’d gained top marks in Care of Magical Creatures, but she’d never expected to be allowed into the prestigious school. Now a bartender at Hookfang during the summer, she’s rather excited for the coming school year, and what changes it may bring.

    Father (foster): Atticus Song
    Mother (foster): Lavender Song
    Siblings: Elena Kael (age 12)
    Other: N/A

    Other (Optional)
    Wand: 9 1/2” Vine Wood, Unicorn hair core
    Broomstick: N/A
    Pets: Kai, white kitten with black ears. Rescued in her neighborhood two years ago
    School Attended and House: Hogwarts, Gryffindor

    OOC Alias: Tiffany
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    PostSubject: Re: Rhian Kael   Sun Feb 25 2018, 20:05

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    Rhian Kael


    Dragon Trainer In Training

    OOC : Tiffany

    PostSubject: Re: Rhian Kael   Wed Feb 28 2018, 00:20

    Rhian's Posts ~ 2040

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    PostSubject: Re: Rhian Kael   

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    Rhian Kael
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