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     Anthony Harrington

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    Anthony Harrington

    Anthony Harrington

    Anthony Harrington Empty
    PostSubject: Anthony Harrington   Anthony Harrington EmptyWed Jul 05 2017, 02:05

    Anthony Niccolo Harrington

    Age: 32
    D.O.B: January 28, 2008
    Birthplace: Rome, Italy
    Current location: London, UK
    Blood status: Pureblood
    Occupation: Assistant to Minister of Magic

    Hair style and colour: Black pompadour usually
    Height: 6'0
    Eye colour: Blue
    Body type: Lean and Tall
    Dress sense: Casual for the most part and formal suits during meetings.
    Other: Tattoo of a magpie on back.

    Likes: Lemon tarts, potions, study of law and politics. Machiavelli Literature
    Dislikes: Spicy foods, messiness, bluntness, arrogance
    Quirks: People think that he's not listening when his gaze wonders, but he's always listening, you can tell by the twitch of his lip.
    Flaws: Clumsiness, honesty
    Strengths: Formerly in Hogwarts it was charms and transfiguration. Now as an adult it's public speaking and charity work.
    Weaknesses: Pushy people who refuse to see reason. Not aggressive when needed.

    Anthony was born in Rome, and was the youngest of three. He had an older brother, Titus Harrington and an older sister Lilian Harrington. He lived a quaint life with his mother who was a home maker and his father who had a low position within the British Ministry of Magic. His mother came from the pureblood family Meloni and her love of history and the richness of culture kept the family in Rome while their father worked in the UK.

    He was always close to his mother due to being he youngest and he was promised that they would never move. This brought him comfort due to being a quiet child, and how introverted he was. While in his first year of Hogwarts, he was sorted into Hufflepuff. His shy demeanor melted away as he blossomed into a charming young man. Unfortunately that all changed when during the summer break, a house fire took everything from him. His father and siblings were trapped inside and the only person left was his mother. It was deemed as a political attack because of his father's progressive stance on blood unity. His mother could not handle the heartbreak of it all and found herself moving them to London.  

    During his sixth year he made best friends with Theodore Holmes, a Slytherin who while calculative, liked the way that Anthony worked with him in potions. Both teenagers pledged their loyalties to one another. When he graduated Hogwarts, he surprised everyone by going to work in the Ministry, something he thought he'd never do. Nonetheless, he was shown to have a knack of public speaking, working on more inclusive laws and helped with activism in blood equality. Everyone praised his work.  He loved his bachelor style and kept no real girlfriends around so his reputation was golden.

    When he was seventeen his mother found love again in an Irish politician and despite her older age, she fell pregnant with what would be her last child. It was a hard childbirth, but nonetheless his mother gave birth to Connor. Anthony had a love for him, but it didn't run as deep as it should have. Somehow having his mother marry once more and start another family made him think this was not his.

    His twenties responsibilities only laid in his work, that is until tragedy struck.  His best friend was killed during a radical bombing of the left wing anarchists in 2030. The only survivor of the bombing was this three year old daughter. Being her godfather he was forced to take the responsibility of being a father to the young child. While he seemed to smother her with love, it did not seem successful as she grew shyer and shyer. It was until 2034 when his life grew more chaotic than ever. His mother and step-father died in a Muggle car crash. He knew that from the moment he heard, that it was in the muggle world, it was his step-father's idea. Connor was only 9 at the time and he was forced to come live with him. While it was hard to adjust, he thought himself to be a good father.

    At the moment he's now a loving father with an introverted god daughter and a younger brother. With his rising position in politics, he is constantly under the public eye. While he is trying to keep everything together,it seems that not everything can be perfect, but he tries his best.

    Father: John Harrington (Deceased)
    Mother: Alessandra Harrington (neé previous last name) Meloni
    Siblings:Titus Harrington (deceased)  Lilian Harrington (Deceased) Connor O'Donaghue
    Other: Tess Holmes (goddaughter)

    Other (Optional)
    Wand: 13" Unicorn, Elm, Flexible
    Broomstick: n/a
    Pets: Arctic Fox (belongs to Tess)
    School Attended and House: Hufflepuff

    OOC Alias:

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    Teagan Finn

    Teagan Finn

    Hogwarts Staff

    Anthony Harrington Empty
    PostSubject: Re: Anthony Harrington   Anthony Harrington EmptyWed Jul 05 2017, 02:42

    Anthony Harrington Adult_11
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    Anthony Harrington
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