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     Dance & Discussions (Serenity & Mirielle)

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    Mirielle Carr

    Mirielle Carr

    PostSubject: Dance & Discussions (Serenity & Mirielle)   Thu Mar 02 2017, 07:41

    Mirielle rolled her head around, trying to get the crick out of her neck. It was the weekend and she neither had homework nor studying to do, which only meant one thing. Sewing. She'd been working on that horrible piece she'd bought from Madam Malkin's and it was turning out quite well, but stiff from sitting too long, and tempted by the beckon of the sun and wind, she neatly packed up her things.

    There was only one thing on her mind. Dance. It would be the perfect solution after sitting down with her neck and back bent over the blouse. At first, she thought she might do a little ballet. One of the roomier classrooms might work, but the outdoors was too tempting and it was kind of hard to twirl on her toes on soft ground. Her mind made up, she slipped on her sneakers, tights, and a comfortable t-shirt before heading out.

    She walked around awhile until she found a nice spot. It wasn't in full view of the school - since she wasn't a show-off - and it provided her some nice shade, ensuring she wouldn't be sunburnt. Her only regret was that she couldn't play a song from her phone. Oh well, she could always dance to the music in her head.

    After pulling her hair into a ponytail to keep it out of the way, she began.

    [[OOC: Jump to 1:12 on the video and watch the girl in the blue jacket for the what Mirielle is dancing.]]
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    Serenity Newman

    Serenity Newman

    PostSubject: Re: Dance & Discussions (Serenity & Mirielle)   Thu Mar 02 2017, 09:18

    School was... different. Learning wasn't anything substantially different from what she'd been doing her entire life in the ministry, but in classrooms, with other children and people assuming everyone studied the same way, in the same speed, with the same methods? That was new and not in a way that particularly thrilled her.

    But she sat in the front row, notebook and quill at the ready to take as many notes as she could, Tammie at her side. The house elf had become somewhat of a constant companion, someone she trusted with... well, her life. And, quite literally, there were times when Serenity had to do just that and allow Tammie to take her off to a quiet corner of the school, or to pull her back from stumbling into a low pillar or a wall, when she started prophesying or Seeing things.

    The other thing Serenity couldn't understand was how carefree everyone was, as if they didn't have the weight of the world on their shoulders. It took her a few days to realise that they didn't -- that they weren't the weird ones. She was. She was the one that Saw people, not as they presented themselves, but literally who they could be. A lot of the time, she even got a sense of their past, a sense or premonition that she just knew was true.

    She was beginning to, for the first time, hate it.

    Stepping into the grounds, Tammie right beside her as always, Serenity basked in being alone for the first time in hours. It was so overwhelming and exhausting to be in a group of so many people, their lives whispering to her no matter how hard she tried. But now she was alone with only her thoughts and open blue sky.

    Her shoulder sagged and she finally relaxed as she allowed the breeze to blow away all the stress. Out here, where she could only hear the birds and the wind and... She hesitated her movements with a slight frown touching her features; she tensed once again, her default defence mechanism. Dancing. Dancing and... and clothes -- a red blouse. The words floated through the air and she turned her head slightly towards the direction they came from.

    True enough, there was someone else there. Hufflepuff, her brain provided, and if it was because she Saw it or because she recognised the girl from around school, she didn't know nor care. Instead, she debated walking away or not before realising that this was a great opportunity to make friends without the pressure or stress of crowds.

    Making her way over, Serenity tilted her head a little at the sight of the dancing. She never understood it. What use was there to moving one's body in time to music? There were books for amusement, there were things to see and things to do. But she wasn't one to judge; she'd seen too much to ever do that.

    "Hello," she said, softly, then cleared her throat and tried again. "Hi. You... Uh." She faltered, conversing never having been a strong point. Not with anyone her age, at least. "I like your blouse. The red one you're making. It's pretty."
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    Mirielle Carr

    Mirielle Carr

    PostSubject: Re: Dance & Discussions (Serenity & Mirielle)   Thu Mar 02 2017, 09:30

    She was imagining music from a movie she'd recently seen. As the sounds and lyrics played in her head, Mirielle allowed her body to move, to respond to what she was listening to. Some of the moves were her own and some were choreography she'd been previously taught. Whatever it was, she moved by instinct, her movements fluid and natural, each step flowing into the next.

    Just as her she turned her body around to transition into another step, she caught sight of someone standing there and faltered in her motion, her hands and feet frozen in her last position before she pulled herself together and stood naturally.

    "Oh, hi! I didn't see you there," she began, not at all shy that she'd been caught dancing. She'd been to many competitions and shows and wasn't at all intimidated by an audience. As the girl stuttered with her response, Mirielle creased her eyebrows. Had she said something to upset the girl? But then she mentioned the blouse and Mirielle's face lit up.

    "Thank you!" she grinned. "I like it too. I rescued it from Madam Malkin's and decided to completely cut off the skirt and turn the whole thing into a top instead. I even took off the sleeves, compiled all the extra material - because I can't waste anything, you know - and made it into a small bag to go along with the blouse and...wait. How did you know about the blouse?"

    She'd been so excited talking about her latest work that the fact that she neither knew the girl nor told her about what she was making never crossed her mind. How in the world did she know about the blouse? Had the Slytherin boy told her. If he did, how did she know how it looked like? Mirielle hadn't even finished making it and it had never left her room.
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    Serenity Newman

    Serenity Newman

    PostSubject: Re: Dance & Discussions (Serenity & Mirielle)   Sat Mar 04 2017, 09:29

    Mentally congratulating herself for hitting on the right topic, Serenity listened with great interest in what the girl was saying. It sounded fascinating, and to imagine someone could be that imaginative was astounding to her. She’d never had the chance to try anything of that sort, free time devoted to reading or homework, or long walks in the park.

    The question caught her off guard and her eyes grew wide as she realised what she had done. At once turning towards Tammie, she lifted her shoulders in a tiny shrug and posing the nonverbal question What do I do?

    She hadn’t even stopped to think about what she was saying, the desire to meet someone actually her age too pressing for logic to have taken hold. As a result, she let slip what was supposed to be her biggest secret. For a Ravenclaw -- a supposedly smart house -- she wasn’t very bright, and she hid a wince as she continued to look to Tammie for guidance.

    The House Elf looked back at her without blinking, gesturing to the Hufflepuff without a word; it was up to Serenity to handle it. A part of her realised it was a test, and she fought back a wave of sheer terror.

    “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to-” She stopped, sighed. “I See things. I’m a Seer. It’s… It’s supposed to be a secret.” There wasn’t anything else she knew to say, and so, eyes on the ground, she waited for a response.
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    PostSubject: Re: Dance & Discussions (Serenity & Mirielle)   

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    Dance & Discussions (Serenity & Mirielle)
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