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     Serenity Newman

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    Serenity Newman

    Serenity Newman

    Serenity Newman Empty
    PostSubject: Serenity Newman   Serenity Newman EmptyWed Mar 01 2017, 06:11

    Character Full Name

    Serenity Newman B0fca24821b4d2a20e45a004d1ff185f

    Age: 11
    D.O.B: June 21
    Birthplace: Unknown/Uncertain
    Current location: Hogwarts
    Blood status: uncertain; most likely halfblood
    Prefered Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

    Hair style and colour: Dark red. It reaches her mid back and is usually curly, although sometimes she straightens it
    Height: 4.7 feet
    Eye colour: Steel-grey
    Body type: Skinny
    Dress sense: She’s quite fashionable, although she prefers simple t-shirts and jeans
    Other: N/A

    -Lying on grass while watching the clouds pass by above her as she drifts off into daydreams where everything is right and there’s nothing to worry about
    -Being alone
    -Meeting people (as long as her abilities don’t flare up; she finds people fascinating)

    -Being a Seer
    -The ministry, for what they’re making her
    -That overwhelming sensation of seeing into the lives of others, knowing their private memories and not being able to control it

    -Tends to avoid looking at people when she talks to them
    -Mumbles a lot
    -Speaks out things about you that she probably shouldn’t because she’s Seen it and doesn’t realise you haven’t actually told her about it

    -Doesn’t know how to be a child
    -Prone to really childish outbursts because she just doesn’t understand how the world works and she’s only ever been surrounded by adults telling her what to do and how to do it
    -Tends to overthink e v e r y t h i n g
    -Must always follow all the rules ever, because that’s what she’s been raised to do

    -Wise beyond her years
    -Keeping secrets (she already does this a lot; what’s another secret?)
    -Listening to people
    -Great at keeping quiet
    -Studying and doing homework

    -Making friends (how does one even do it?)
    -Long walks by herself
    -A good book
    -Something she doesn’t understand; she wants to learn everything there is to know about everything

    Serenity doesn’t remember her life from before she was three. What she does recall is being dropped off on the doorstep of the Ministry of Magic with a note clutched in her hands. Scared, she was found by one of the workers and ushered inside.

    A full medical check-up revealed that she was severely malnourished and she spent a few weeks in St. Mungo’s recovering.

    The note was a simple one, written by a self-writing quill so as to prevent any handwriting being recognised, and basically said that the nameless girl was a Seer and that they didn't know how to deal with her; she had been abandoned without any sort of identification.

    Once it became clear that the girl was not just a Seer but a powerful one that allowed her not only to see the future at times but get an accurate representation of people's past, the Ministry decided to make her 'theirs', so that she would end up working for them when she was older. One of the workers in the Department of Mysteries - Sally Newman - ended up being assigned as her caretaker and, falling in love with the girl, adopted her and named her Serenity.

    Almost every day growing up, Serenity would meet up with different people from the ministry and taught different coping mechanisms as well as how to control her abilities and whatnot. To say she was forced to mature very quickly is an understatement; Serenity never had much of a childhood at all. Once in awhile, when Sally had an off day and Serenity didn't have any lessons, they would visit the beach or take a short trip somewhere. These were Serenity's favourite memories, as they were the only times she could act like a child.

    When she got her letter to Hogwarts, there was a mini debate between the ministry staff and her mother before, ultimately, it was decided that she would be allowed to attend – if she was accompanied by a house elf at all times for her safety.

    Father: N/A
    Mother: Sally Newman
    Siblings: N/A

    Other (Optional)
    Wand: Silver lime, dragon heartstring, 10 inches
    Broomstick: None; she’s not allowed to fly incase she starts to prophecy in the middle of flight and falls off

    OOC Alias: Melanie

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    Teagan Finn

    Teagan Finn

    Hogwarts Staff

    Serenity Newman Empty
    PostSubject: Re: Serenity Newman   Serenity Newman EmptySat Mar 18 2017, 23:47

    Serenity Newman Ravenc10
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    Serenity Newman
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