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     Books! (Aurelia)

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    Humphrey Williams

    Humphrey Williams

    Ravenclaw - 5th Year

    Occupation : Student
    OOC : Brian

    PostSubject: Books! (Aurelia)   Sun Feb 28 2016, 12:21

    Humphrey, his parents, and his little sister Casey had just spent a long day shopping in Diagon Alley to get him ready for the coming school year. He'd gotten all the things he needed, and after some begging convinced his parents to let him stay a little longer and explore on his own. When he was ready to go all he had to do was go to the Leaky Cauldron and use the floo to get back home. His first stop after they left was to go and get some ice cream from Fortescue's, and after that he simply wandered Diagon Alley for a bit.

    After about twenty minutes of exploring, he found himself standing in front of his favorite shop by far here, Flourish and Blotts. Being the nerd he was, he held the opinion that a good book could beat just about anything. They'd already gotten his textbooks so now he could browse for fun and interesting reads. With a smile on his face, the boy started wandering the shelves. A short while later he came across a book that looked really interesting. It was fictional, about a wizard who traveled across the world on different adventures fighting different magical beasts and encountering different traps. He skimmed over a chapter before deciding to buy it, and sat down at one of the tables to start reading.

    Before he knew it nearly an hour had passed, and he reluctantly stopped reading and put a bookmark. Humphrey decided to look around the shop one more time before leaving, hoping maybe he'd find something else cool. His eyes were focused on the shelves, so he didn't even see the girl about his age before he slammed into her. "Oh Merlin, I'm sorry." he said. "Was looking at the books and not watching where I was going. Are you alright?" Humphrey asked the redhead, somebody he thought he'd seen at school before. He was fairly certain she was a Hufflepuff in his year.
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    Aurelia Garro

    Aurelia Garro

    PostSubject: Re: Books! (Aurelia)   Sun Feb 28 2016, 13:05

    Purple converse shuffled across the old hardwood floors absentmindedly. They moved this way and that, nothing too choreographed or showy, to the beat of a Irish folk-tune, emitting lightly from the wand in Aurelia's back pocket. Something about a wake and a man named Finnigan or such, Aurelia hummed along to the well known melody, a sugar quill stuck in her mouth. In her other hand, she had a book thrown open to the first page, scanning to see if she wanted to buy it.

    Will had offered to take her shopping for supplies today. Aurelia didn't hold back her joy at the offer, as her brother had been in and out of the house all summer. He spent most of his time with Sophia, a pretty Healer from Merlin's Academy that he'd met this past year. They'd decided to make a day of it, starting with a movie in Muggle London, before hitting Diagon Alley for her things. It had been a few hours now, and Will had left her at the book shop to go get some Quidditch supplies. Merlin know's he'll be there forever.

    As the song changed to something a bit slower, Aurelia's world went a bit sideways as she was knocked forward into the bookshelf. Her sugar quill crumbled a bit as her teeth slammed down on the very tip, not hard enough to hurt, but enough to splinter the hard candy. The sticky bits fell onto the book in her hand. 

    Hearing a boy start in on his apology, she laughed easily and turned towards him, attempting to hold the rest of the quill and wipe the crumbs out of the crease at the same time. "That's okay, I was probably going to buy it anyhow." Looking down at the rest of herself, skinny dark wash bluejeans, a plain white t-shirt and a plaid button up over top, she couldn't see any more damage. "I think everything else in in order."

    Aurelia took a look around, making sure they weren't in anyone else's way. The shop wasn't too crazy busy on a Tuesday afternoon, but you could never know. The top level was usually less busy, so there was open space in their little corner of the shop. Another look at the stranger, and her eyes lit up with recognition. "Humphrey, right?" The redhead had always been good with names. "I've seen you in classes."
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    Humphrey Williams

    Humphrey Williams

    Ravenclaw - 5th Year

    Occupation : Student
    OOC : Brian

    PostSubject: Re: Books! (Aurelia)   Sun Feb 28 2016, 13:18

    Humphrey let out a sigh of relief when the girl ended up laughing at getting bumped into instead of getting angry. A lot of people probably would have, he figured. She seemed to be in good spirits though and he smiled a little, relaxing. "Well that's good, glad I didn't mess things up too badly for you. Find a good read?" he asked, pointing to the book she was holding. She'd been distracted as he was apparently when he bumped into her, so it was probably interesting. He was still holding onto hopes of finding another book to read before he left the shop, maybe she'd have a good idea for him. At the very least, it couldn't hurt to ask right.

    When she recognized him he was a little surprised but nodded. "Yeah, that's right. I've seen you in classes too, afraid I don't know your name though." he said sheepishly. Aside from a few fellow Ravenclaws he really didn't know that many people. Probably because he spent most of his time either in the library or out flying. This year Humphrey wanted to be a little more social, maybe making friends with this cute redhead could be a good start to that. She seemed really nice, so that would probably help with his anxiety.

    Looking at her, Humphrey realized he'd messed up her sugar quill. "When you're done browsing, I can get you another sugar quill." he offered. He still had plenty of time before he had to be home and didn't really have anything on his agenda other than this. If he looked he could probably find something for himself as well, they did have a lot of good candy options here that was for sure.
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    Aurelia Garro

    Aurelia Garro

    PostSubject: Re: Books! (Aurelia)   Wed Feb 22 2017, 12:33

    Aurelia's lips curved into a bit of a smirk. William would scoff at her obsession over the subject, but the redhead was a sucker for all things Herbology. As it was, she had plans to stop by Slug and Jiggers once done in here. While they weren't free plants, there was value in collecting the dried remnants for examination and experimenting.

    She closed the cover of the book, not really having been reading it, so that the boy could take a look. "It's a bit dated now, but Goshawk's Guide is really interesting if you like knowing the origins of some odd plants."

    Oh! Scrambling a bit, she transferred the book to her hand with the quill and extended the free one in greeting. Just cause she remembered his name didn't mean they actually knew one another. "Aurelia. Hufflepuff as it gets," she giggled lightly. She came from a family of Ravenclaws, her father and brother at least, and first-year her had been a bit down-cast at the idea of being different. But from the first night in their common room, with a smorgasbord of snacks and a sleepover setting to get them all acquainted, Aurelia knew she was right where she needed to be.

    "Oh, there's no need, honestly. I've got like five others still. But I was gonna hop over to the Apothecary, if you wanted to join. Not as fun, but...who knows! Unless, are you looking for something here?" She'd noticed he didn't carry any books. "I could help you look if you'd like."
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    PostSubject: Re: Books! (Aurelia)   

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    Books! (Aurelia)
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