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     Aurelia Garro

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    Aurelia Garro

    Aurelia Garro

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    PostSubject: Aurelia Garro   Aurelia Garro EmptyWed Feb 24 2016, 23:00

    Aurelia Meara Garro

    Aurelia Garro 410

    Age: 14
    D.O.B: June 16th, 2026
    Birthplace: Wisconson, USA
    Current location: Cork, Ireland
    Blood status: Halfblood
    Prefered Hogwarts House: 1. Hufflepuff. 2. Ravenclaw

    Hair style and colour: Short pixie cut, dark orange/red
    Height: 5' 2"
    Eye colour: Green
    Body type: Thin and lithe, she has a bit of lean muscle, but not much
    Dress sense: Growing up around Muggles most of her life, she tends to prefer t-shirts, jeans, and a pair of her large collection of converse. Though, she has made the very rare appearance in a dress, when she's feeling whimsical
    Other: Like most red heads, she has freckles, but not too many

    Likes: Pumpkin pie and cinnamon topped hot chocolate. Rainy days and the smell of camp fires from her childhood. Muggle literature and cars, though she does enjoy flying as well
    Dislikes: Dogs and spiders. Tornadoes and being alone in the dark. High heels and perfume
    Quirks: Not a fan of silence, she generally has her wand set to emit whatever kind of music she's in the mood for at the time. An avid reader, she usually has her messenger bag handy with a small assortment of books
    Flaws: She's rather clumsy, especially so when excited. While she's not afraid to talk to others, strangers even, she's not known for being the most socially adept
    Strengths: Has become proficient in the idea of "organized clutter". Tends to find the good in most people, even if they're not able to see it themselves
    Weaknesses: Again, "organized clutter". She's trusted too quickly quite a few times in life, and doesn't really seem to learn her lesson

    Daughter of Rowan and Kendra, Aurelia grew up in a quiet little town in Wisconsin. Her parents had met when her mother, a muggle, had been vacationing in Ireland the summer after graduation. She and Rowan spent the rest of her month abroad together, and quickly knew it was meant to be. Keeping in touch for the next two years through whatever means, he proposed on a visit to the states and soon moved there. Kendra was committed to her veterinary practice in her hometown, and Rowan convinced her to make it over to tend to magical creatures as well. It wasn't long after that William came along, and Aurelia a few years later.

    The two siblings were raised in a mixed environment of both the magical and muggle worlds. When William was old enough for his magic to show, their parents made a decision to move them back to Ireland, so that they could attend Hogwarts. They had nothing against American wizarding schools, but Rowan wanted them to study under the professors at his alma mater, and was very fond of Headmaster Whiles.

    William went off to school, and Aurelia was left to make friends of her own in a new town. Good practice for when she would attend Hogwarts, the young red-head was well liked, but not always the most graceful. She was thankful, when it was her turn to get under the sorting hat, that it placed her in a house of students who wouldn't care much about her clumsiness. She found other successes, through the years, in Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures. There seemed to be something about these animate objects and creatures that accepted her in a welcoming way. While she's not quite sure what she'll end up doing after school, she knows she's got loads of time to figure it out.

    Father: Rowan Garro
    Mother:  Kendra Garro (neé McNair)
    Siblings: William Garro (19)

    Other (Optional)
    Wand: 9 1/4" Vine, Kelpie mane core
    Broomstick: She...uh...needs a new one. The last got stuck in a “swamp” and wasn't really salvageable
    Pets: Owlet named Sammy. She just got him this summer, and because her parents just got kittens too, he is under the odd impression that he's a cat

    OOC Alias: Tiffany
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    Teagan Finn

    Teagan Finn

    Hogwarts Staff

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    PostSubject: Re: Aurelia Garro   Aurelia Garro EmptyWed Feb 24 2016, 23:03

    Aurelia Garro Huffle10
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    Aurelia Garro
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