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September: As summer gives way to the more cooler days of fall, students and staff return to Hogwarts for another year. New classes, students, and friends present endless possibilities. What will this new year hold for you!
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     Beyond the Wand: The Beginning

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    Teagan Finn



    Occupation : Headmistress and Potions Professor at Hogwarts

    PostSubject: Beyond the Wand: The Beginning   Thu Jan 21 2016, 18:06

    It's been more than four decades, since the Second Wizarding War. The years directly following the success of the Order of the Phoenix, and the Golden Trio, were filled with hope. Those who had sworn allegiance to Lord Voldemort were dealt with by the newly emerging Ministry, while the rest of the wizarding world began piecing their lives back together. Hogwarts was renovated, and its halls once again rang with the sounds of laughter and childhood.

    Through the years since, there were a few small sects of individuals who, having fallen on hard times after the war, attempted to renew the efforts for Pureblood supremacy. Unlike the Death Eaters, these groups were small and lacked the leadership to make any real headway. This, paired with the strength of Shacklebolt and the Ministry, made it very clear that such efforts were not worth it. After a long term in office, Shacklebolt was replaced by Seamus Moore. The aging wizard, backed by his second in command, Ralph Simmons, were ushered into office with the full support of the wizarding community. Having run for the position on claims to uphold the ideals of the post-war Ministry, it is understood that small changes will occur, as they always do.

    Meanwhile at Hogwarts, Headmistress McGonagall passed her title on to a wonderful man, Christoff Whiles. Previously a Charms Professor, he followed the views of his predecessors, and encouraged unity and strength among the houses. While there will always be squabbles, and prevailing "traditional" teachings from the more affluent blood lines, he was relatively successful. An unforeseen illness took him suddenly, and his Deputy Headmistress, Teagan Finn, was promoted. Very young, in comparison to most in her position, there are some who question the future of Hogwarts.
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    Beyond the Wand: The Beginning
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