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     Teagan Finn

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    Teagan Finn

    Teagan Finn

    Hogwarts Staff

    PostSubject: Teagan Finn   Sun Feb 21 2016, 14:01

    Teagan Merelyn Finn

    Age: 26
    D.O.B: September 15th, 2012
    Birthplace: London, UK
    Current location: Hogwarts Castle
    Blood status: Halfblood
    Occupation: Potions Professor

    Hair style and colour: Long brunette, natural waves
    Height: 5'6"
    Eye colour: Hazel
    Body type: Lithe, her thin bone structure makes her look taller than she is
    Dress sense: Not one for labels, she favors to dress professionally, yet modern. She does let her hair down a bit when she's not in public
    Other: Half Moon Blood Status Tattoo. Two simple lines around her upper forearm, near her elbow, one green and one purple. Thin and close together, it is a connection to her cousin, who is like a sister

    Likes: Organization, nature, freshly cut grass, pie of any kind, the color green
    Dislikes: Being cold, the smell of anything burning, shouting, excuses
    Quirks: Prefers her lucky apron to robes when mixing potions, all her books are dog-eared with notes in the margins
    Flaws: In work and important matters she gets flustered if things are out of place, she's not a big risk-taker when it comes to matters of the heart
    Strengths: Keeps her cool under pressure, has a natural knack for educating and explaining things to others, animals are generally comfortable around her rather quickly
    Weaknesses: People in need, a new pair of heels, the scent of pine

    Raised in a middle-class, Halfblood household, Teagan was like every run-of-the-mill child in Mistwick. She made friends easily with the other kids on her street, and loved finding new nooks and crannies between the shops to explore. Her parents raised her to have a kind heart and an open smile, but with a well fed mind to go along with it. While she enjoyed their vacations to the country when the weather was nice, the small brunette was very protective of the small library her parents helped her collect.

    With her father as a mediwizard at St. Mungo's and her mom working in a bakery, Teagan learned the value of both exactness and instinct. So, when she received her letter from Hogwarts, she was a natural shoe-in for Potions. Where others would get frustrated by the tediousness or the gut-feelings needed for various brews, the young Ravenclaw excelled.

    She made fast friends with a girl in Slytherin, and the pair worked well through the years as lab partners, Jolenne eventually introducing her to a fellow housemate, Mycroft. Teagan fell fast and hard in fifth year, but unfortunately, like many young romances, it didn't last. The pair remained friends, and though Teagan swore off dating. Sure, she went back on her word here and there through the years, with the urging of her friend, but nothing ever really stuck after that.

    After graduation, the young Potioneer took a job at Slug and Jiggers, in Diagon Alley. It helped her save up, and by the end of the summer she was on her way to Merlin's Academy. Her time there seemed to fly by, and she made a name for herself in the program. While she did focus on the precision of each potion, taking copious notes on every detail, sometimes she would just "feel" when it was ready.

    Right out of the Academy, Teagan was contacted by a team of Curse-breakers who were in need of a Potioneer to join them on a rather 'out-of-the-box' project. Looking for a bit of adventure, she signed on with them and spent a few years abroad. During her time on the team, she found a new love for Curse-Breaking, and is doing her own research into the subject, hoping to one day be able to do it full time. For now, however, she's decided to take up the newly available position at Hogwarts as the Potions master. While some witches and wizards would see it as a step back, the castle always held a special place in her heart.

    Father: Sean Finn
    Mother:  Gwyneth (neé Kaine)
    Siblings: N/A
    Other: Rebekah Kaine (Cousin, 34)

    Other (Optional)
    Wand: 9" Cherry wood, Thestral tail core
    Broomstick: Moontrimmer
    Pets: Kitiara, black short-haired cat with white patches on her chest
    School Attended and House: Hogwarts, Ravenclaw

    OOC Alias: Tiffany

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    PostSubject: Re: Teagan Finn   Sat Feb 24 2018, 23:53

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    Teagan Finn

    Teagan Finn

    Hogwarts Staff

    PostSubject: Re: Teagan Finn   Sat May 05 2018, 23:33

    Teagan's Posts ~ 2041

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    PostSubject: Re: Teagan Finn   

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    Teagan Finn
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