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     Thomas Harrison Selkin

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    Thomas Selkin

    Thomas Harrison Selkin Empty
    PostSubject: Thomas Harrison Selkin   Thomas Harrison Selkin EmptySun Feb 21 2016, 02:59

    Thomas Harrison Selkin

    Thomas Harrison Selkin Mini_140310074819374541

    Age: 29
    D.O.B: October 19, 2011
    Birthplace: London, England  
    Current location: Virginia Water Surrey, New England
    Blood status: Half-blood
    Occupation: Professor of Charms

    Hair style and colour: Dirty blonde, light brown
    Height: 5"11
    Eye colour: Green
    Body type: Fit, broad shoulders, leaner torso, muscular in torso and upper arms
    Dress sense: Dressy casual
    Other: Clawmark scars on the outside of the left thigh, tracing from the top of the thigh to the top of the knee, bite mark on the skin of his right shoulder

    Likes: Sweets, good people, sketching, cloud-watching, students, youth, junk food, cross-fit, P-90X, intimacy
    Dislikes: Crass untoward people, animal-haters, Herbology, organic food, vegetables, judgment, domineering personalities
    Quirks: Funny, knows a lot of anecdotes, adaptable, changes like the river
    Flaws: Whimsical, very quickly changing emotions, oftentimes unorganized, finds himself daydreaming a lot
    Strengths: Kind, good at speaking, good at listening, reading, writing, Care for Magical Creatures, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Divination, Astronomy
    Weaknesses: Chocolates, fruit flavored jellies, treacle tarts, all tarts, candy, shiny things, Herbology, Potions, Arithmacy, Flying


    Some people are just born with a predisposition to optimism. Such is the case of Thomas; he was raised in very daunting conditions. His mother was a pureblood youth turned blood-traitor by her relationship to his father, and not to mention a single mother. Due to this, she chose to raise Thomas with the utmost respect and kindness for all people. She got a job as a waitress in Glasgow in a diner, before upgrading to working at a more regal restaurant with a reputable name; it was there she met her future husband at the age of 21, a businessman from good means by muggle standards.

    When Thomas was three, the two were married and his name was changed from Travers to Selkin. Ashlyn and Edward were open about her heritage, and her abilities to each other, but to Thomas they kept it secret. Edward thought it was rather amazing and always encouraged her to use it behind closed doors. Ashlyn loved Edward, and Thomas grew up in a lovingly environment. At the age of eight, he met his biological father under in a terrible situation. While at a park, while playing with some muggle school kids that attended the same primary school as him, he was lured away by the sound of his name. A man who he'd seen in pictures in his mother's room stood before him, and walked him into the adjacent forest. They spoke very cordially, until Gerard opened his mouth and revealed sharp teeth telling him it was necessary to continue the lineage.

    Thomas screamed and shouted, but the deed was done. His magic flared up in defense, and was enough to push his father off him. He bolted and ran toward the park, crying and shouting for his mother. Feeling the disturbance in magic, Ashlyn found him and scooped him into his arms. Gerard disappeared after that day, and Ashlyn was quick to relocate them to Glasgow, Scotland to try to diffuse the situation. With her son suffering from lycanthropy, Ashlyn was hesitant to have anymore children Edward.

    He attended Hogwarts after getting his letter at the age of 10, going on 11. He was sorted in Hufflepuff, on account of how hardworking he could be when he felt as so. Most of his days he spent writing and never finishing story ideas or sitting by the lake with his friends. He was awfully terrible at flying, and keeps his broom more as a novelty in the back of closet; completely abhors Herbology and Potions. In his eyes, it's a miracle he even passed those classes at all. In terms of Herbology, it was nothing to do with the actual subject but rather it was dealing with animate plants. He'd multiple offenses in which he spent weeks in the Hospital Wing due to some injuries with something no bigger than his thumb. With the ways of Potions, he just didn't have the patience to follow through with the recipe or wait for it to be done.

    Post-graduation he attended Merlin's Academy for Excellence and then Mystrica Academy to get his teaching degree. At the age of twenty, his parents had Jesselyn Selkin, completing their small family. He loves his sister, would do anything for her; they often exchange letters, and he takes her around England. Her own magic showed signs around her tenth birthday when she was able to talk to his cat before sparks emitted from her finger tips at frustration when Kiki ignored her beckoning. His college years were spent laughing and joking around, but also developing some bad habits. This included unhealthy eating. Thankfully he had a habit of dating healthy partners (Thom identifies as bisexual after all) in which he more often than not ended up switching off; the longest relationship being eleven months, George ended it due to his ex returning from the States. They're married now; Thom has no regrets.

    Perhaps the most important relationship he ever had in his life was with Andalucille Flynn. She was also a werewolf, but of a different lineage. They discovered many things about each other in terms of physical intimacy; both being very open about things. He tried to marry her after nine months of dating, she said no and moved to Germany. She's now doing adult movies, not that Thom begrudges her. His last relationship was when he was twenty-eight, her name was Desiree Wells; it lasted ten months before he broke up with her when she demanded they start having intercourse sans protection.

    He's twenty-nine and coming into his thirties, but is in no rush to start a family or meet his soulmate. Thomas earnestly believes that when the time is right, his soulmate and him will meet and life with be everything and more than he could ever want.

    Father: Gerard Horan - Biological
    Father: Edward Selkin - Legal Guardian
    Mother: Ashlyn Selkin (neé Travers)
    Siblings: Jesselyn Selkin (10)
    Other: Thirty relationships in total; identifies as bisexual, experimented in several polyamorous relationships

    Other (Optional)
    Wand: 12" Mahogany, core of Phoenix feather
    Broomstick: Nimbus XXVI
    Pets: Kiki, pug puppy
    School Attended and House: Hogwarts, Hufflepuff  

    OOC Alias: Jay
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    Teagan Finn

    Teagan Finn

    Hogwarts Staff

    Thomas Harrison Selkin Empty
    PostSubject: Re: Thomas Harrison Selkin   Thomas Harrison Selkin EmptySun Feb 21 2016, 11:06

    Thomas Harrison Selkin Adult_11
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    Thomas Harrison Selkin
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