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     Student Handbook

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    Teagan Finn


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    PostSubject: Student Handbook   Tue Feb 16 2016, 14:18

    Student Handbook

    Please note: As we are currently in a more free-form period on BTW, there is no strict timeline for lessons at this moment. Updates on the timeline of lessons will be provided as needed. Thank you for your flexibility.

    Welcome to Hogwarts, whether you are a budding first year or a returning student. As the next generation of the magical community, there are just a few points to go over with you.

    • For each Lesson, there will be a running list of the current classes that have been opened by the professors. This list will be located in the Announcements forum, with a quick link in the left side widget under "Important Links and Info". Check back there at any time during the Lesson to see what classes are available to attend.

    • This site will move on a timeline of 4 months Real Life = 1 Year In Game. There will be three Lessons throughout the school year, each lasting one month in Real Life, with the last month counting for the summer break.

    • BTW has a requirement that each student attend one class per lesson round to move up to the next grade year. If there are questions or concerns about this please speak to an Admin, as we strive to keep this site as stress-free as possible.

    • As stated in the General Rules, we ask that you be realistic in your character's magical ability, in regards to age and experience. A first year will not be able to cast a fully formed Patronus, nor would a fifth year be able to easily defeat a seventh year in a duel. If there are questions about what is appropriate, you may always consult with an Admin.

    • As the professors have free reign of how they choose to teach their lessons (either one for each year, grouped years, or everyone together), you may be in classes with students of all ages. Take this opportunity to mingle and make new connections.

    • With the lessons starting at the beginning of each month, professors have been asked to open their classes within the first week of each month. On your end, the faster that students show up to class, the quicker the professor can then begin the lesson. Please, note that if you arrive to a lesson after the professor begins, you are considered tardy, and must write as such. There will be no "Sally was there the entire time." We all understand that life may inhibit certain timelines, but being tardy to a class here and there will not be the end of your Hogwarts career.

    • As for the end of Lessons, classes will close at the end of the month. Professors are asked to close their own classes, but may need assistance from Admins if they are unable to do so. Please note that if you post for the first time in a class that simply hasn't been closed AFTER the end of the month, your attendance will not be counted.

    • House points will be awarded through classes at each professor's digression. They are allowed to award 100 points per student, per year, and may choose to do so as they see fit. These points will be totaled and added to the chart on the right side of the site as the school year progresses. At the end of each year, there will be a House Cup Winner, as well as a Student of the Year for each house, who has earned the most points for their house. We look forward to celebrating these events with you.
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    Student Handbook
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