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     Pureblood Handbook

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    Teagan Finn


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    PostSubject: Pureblood Handbook   Tue Feb 16 2016, 14:18

    Pureblood Handbook

    In the hopes of keeping everyone on the same page, the Admin team would like to chart out the DO's and DON'T's of being a Pureblood on BTW. This allows users to know ahead of time, before claiming to be one, and to understand how to interact with others on the site.

    Like many things on our site, we attempt to stay in cannon with Rowling's world through the Harry Potter Wiki. This link will take you to their page on Purebloods, so that you may find more information, and lists of families from the books. One portion we would like to make note of for our site is when it states:
    "The term for wizards and witches who have a purely or approximately pure magical heritage."

    Because of the length of time after the books which we are working in, a decrease in actual pureblood families is assumed. Because of this, at BTW, we ask that at least your characters Grandparents must all be purebloods. We also ask that, in your Pureblood Family Claim, you work to connect your family to one of those listed on this site. It will allow for connections with other users in the future.

    Now, to teachings within the pureblood traditions. It has been a long while since the Wizarding Wars, and the time of Voldemort. Because of this, some families may have come to embrace the Muggle lifestyle with grace and understanding. Those families who have done so would be less likely to look down upon those with Muggle blood, and maybe have delved into learning of Muggle culture and objects, going so far as to visit the Muggle world.

    On the other hand, there still may be more traditional families who, while maybe not openly calling every Muggle-born a "Mudblood", do not mix with their kind at all. It is entirely up to you how your characters family views bloodlines, but we do ask that you conduct yourself according to the history you submit to the Family Claims area.

    One last reminder, for those looking to become a Pureblood, if you are looking to make a connection with a family already in the Family Claims area, that character must contact an Admin to approve it before your claim will be accepted.
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    Pureblood Handbook
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