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     Creature Handbook

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    Teagan Finn


    OOC : Tiffany

    PostSubject: Creature Handbook   Tue Feb 16 2016, 14:17

    Creature Handbook

    First and foremost, let it be known that only "Beings" can be claimed in the Creature Claims area. The creatures that fall under this category, according to Harry Potter Wiki are:
    • Giant
    • Goblin
    • Hag
    • House-elf
    • Vampire
    • Veela
    • Werewolf (though it is considered a Beast in it's wolf form)

    Please note that the views on creatures is very similar to those during the book series, in that they are not generally accepted by the general populace. There have been no movements in the Ministry to right this injustice, so those individuals with non-human lineage tend to be discrete about it.

    There is also the option for Half-breeds. These are more commonly limited to Giants, Goblins, Vampires, and Veelas, though others are known to exist. For Vampires, please note there is the option for being bitten by a vampire, or to be a half-breed, wherein we ask that you be birthed by a human mother (for biological purposes).

    While we do strive to be as cannon as possible, we are open to the possibility of other creature connections. If you have a request that is not listed here, you are encouraged to reach out to an Admin, as we may be able to accommodate you.
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    Creature Handbook
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