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    Jesse Darnell

    Jesse Darnell

    Ministry Worker

    OOC : Brian

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    Jesse Felix Darnell

    JesseDarnell Tumblr_n5fi1zwngt1ttxfcgo2_500

    Age: 29
    D.O.B: 17th July
    Birthplace: Essex, England
    Current location: London, England
    Blood status: Halfblood
    Occupation: Works in the Department of Mysteries

    Hair style and colour: Brown, kept fairly short and usually styles it up in the front to keep looking smart.
    Height: 5'11
    Eye colour: Brown
    Body type: Slim, but with some muscle tone
    Dress sense: Always likes to look sharp and often is in slacks and a tie, when he dresses casual it's with jeans that fit well and always outfits that match perfectly. One of the things he is most particular about is dressing fashionably, as well as personal hygiene.
    Other: A sizable scar down the inside of his left thigh from a duel back in his Hogwarts years. Nothing permanently damaged aside from the skin, but since it was a dark curse that couldn't be healed properly. Runs to almost his knee.

    Likes: Debating topics for the fun of it, reading, exploring new things and discovering how they work, figuring out what drives people and makes them tick, living alone away from his overprotective mother and sister, spicy foods, playing violin, dancing, and walking through cemeteries because it reminds him of how little time he has to live for and to not let the present go to waste.
    Dislikes: Arrogance, close-minded people, always despised Quidditch fanatics that didn't even play the sport but were still obsessed, pumpkins and especially pumpkin juice (doesn't mind them for decoration just the taste), superficial people who don't want anything meaningful out of life, and purebloods who think they are god's gift to wizardkind.
    Quirks: Whenever he gets nervous or uncomfortable takes to rubbing the back of his right heel with his left food. Much prefers the muggle music to the wizard equivalent, and tries to go to concerts when he can. Usually views things in a different light than most people and isn't afraid to say so, which while it can be good can also make things challenging.
    Flaws: Says what's on his mind so a terrible liar despite being around people growing up who were quite good at it, sometimes is looking too far ahead at the big picture he overlooks some of the immediate steps to start getting there, terrible at keeping up with friends because he gets so wrapped up in work, and lets both his mom and older sister be kind of cruel to him at times because he doesn't want to damage the relationship. Instead, he just takes whatever they say even if it's horrible and keeps going on like it never happened.
    Strengths: Meticulous and thorough in whatever he's doing, intelligent, charismatic and sociable when he tries to be, great with charms, arithmancy, and transfiguration. Independent and very self-reliant, so has no qualms about tackling big tasks all on his own. Ambitious, he wants a lot out of life and puts in the effort to make it happen.
    Weaknesses: Can sometimes get so focused on one thing others slip through the cracks. Extremely hard on himself as he holds himself to a high standard. Has a hard time with forgiving people who have hurt him, and is more likely to cut ties with somebody after damage is done to a relationship than stick it out and make it work.

    Jesse grew up in a halfblood household with a mother and sister who always pushed him to do the best he possibly could. His father had passed three months after he was conceived, so he didn't really have a father figure growing up. Both his mother who worked full time and his sister who was six years older than him were busy with their own lives so he ended up being raised mainly by the nanny they picked out until he went to Hogwarts and didn't need watching any longer.

    At Hogwarts he was awkward at first, but by the time about third year rolled around he really started to come into his own there. He could fit in with any group of people, and frequently left Slytherin to sit at other tables during lunch or go to other parties with friends he'd made in the different houses. Not too many people were fans of that behavior, but he enjoyed getting to know lots of different people and was well liked by most.

    Once he graduated he worked hard to get into the Department of Mysteries and managed it two years after he'd finished school. Jesse loves it there, and puts in extra hours most of the time because he finds it hard to pull himself away from the fascinating work. Most people will never know what he does but he's okay with that because he enjoys it and it challenges him in new and interesting ways all the time.
    Father: Kyle Darnell (deceased)
    Mother: Jocelyn Darnell (neé Hicks)
    Siblings: Marilyn (goes by Mari) Darnell
    Other: N/A

    Other (Optional)
    Wand: 12 1/2 inche, Pine, Horned Serpent Horn core, lightly springy
    Broomstick: An old Firebolt that used to be his father's, but is kept in good condition
    Pets: N/A
    School Attended and House: Hogwarts and Slytherin

    OOC Alias: Brian
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    PostSubject: Re: JesseDarnell   JesseDarnell EmptyTue Jul 17 2018, 01:01

    JesseDarnell Adult_11
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