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     I Will Try to Fix You (Ben)

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    Tess Holmes

    Tess Holmes

    Healer In Training

    PostSubject: I Will Try to Fix You (Ben)    Fri Jul 13 2018, 01:10

    Tess Holmes was not a fan of summer in London; ever since she first moved, she could not understand why summer was so humid as it was or hot with no breeze. France never dealt with such harsh humidity and in her opinion was the far more superior time. So when her grandmere had rebuffed her from visiting, she was much more hurt than she cared for admit.

    She loved her grandmere more than anyone else in her family. She was callous, ambitious, blunt, but fiercely loyal to her. Tess thought that it would be the closest that she would get to a mother. The excuse that her grandmere had given her was that she was 'far too busy to entertain her', but in reality she knew that she was being sent away for a reason bigger than that. What was that reason? That was still unclear.

    So Tess did what she did in this type of situation: she sulked. Rhian had managed to actually go out of the country while she refused to go out in the sunlight. In fact she was in the midst of reading another book, when a owl was pecking at her window. Catching her interest, she opened her window to see a chubby owl flapping it's wings.

    Unrolling the scroll, she began to read.

    Hi Tess,

    This might be   an awkward an owl you weren't expecting. I'm currently on vacation, but I can't help but be a bit worried over Ben. I know it's stupid for me to asknot ideal to ask you a favor. But if I'm perfectly honest, you are the only person other than me that cares for Ben. Can you check up on him? I'm worried he's not answering my owls.

    Thank you!

    Cheers from Barcelona



    After that, she had mulled over her options for over an hour before she found herself throwing her shoes on, and rushing towards Mistwick district. By the time she arrived at his flat, the sun had begun to set and she found herself staring up on the window wondering if she could just leave.

    Something stopped her from leaving, and she found herself knocking softly. Immediately, the door opened, with the friendly landlord lady she had previously met. She greeted her softly, before Tess was pushed up the stairs.

    "Please fix this!"

    With no further information, Mrs. Stubbs knocked on the door, before rushing back stating something about her medicine and music began to hit from her flat.

    Waiting patiently, she froze when she heard a voice yell from inside. A very unclear voice but she knew it was Ben. Pushing the door she found it unlocked and tentatively popped her head in.


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    Benjamin Watson

    Benjamin Watson

    Potioneer In Training

    PostSubject: Re: I Will Try to Fix You (Ben)    Mon Jul 16 2018, 00:19

    The smell of burning....well, everything, filled the flat. Not the active 'something is currently on fire, and everyone should evacuate' kind of burning. But more like a bonfire that had been doused with a pail of water before leaving camp. 

    And that's a bit what the flat looked like at the moment. In the time that Connor had been away, Ben had fully submerged himself in his experiments: both educational research and....other. The sitting room and kitchen were a disaster, with all manner of plant life and potions in dubious condition. But along with getting no leads, and becoming increasingly frustrated with each passing day, there was his other problem.

    His hands were doing that thing again. It seemed when his mind hit a particularly dead end, they burned like they were some sort of internal oven. The first few days he would just soak them in cold water. Soon, however, they actually started catching things on fire. 

    Hence, the drenched condition of the flat currently.

    He'd just been testing out a new potion for instantaneous plant growth, Which was Not Working!, when the beaker exploded in his hand. Unfortunately, this potion was flammable as well, and caught fire as it fell to the floor of the kitchen.

    "Bloody hell, how can anything even burn anymore!" He pulled his wand out to cast another Aguamenti.

    Maybe he should take a break. His latest dose was on the downward slope and he could use a few moments of blissing out before heading back into the thick of it. Thank Merlin he'd sealed the flat from letting any of the burning smell out. Didn't need the officials called on him for nothing. Ben wasn't particularly interested in dealing with small minds today.
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    Tess Holmes

    Tess Holmes

    Healer In Training

    PostSubject: Re: I Will Try to Fix You (Ben)    Mon Jul 16 2018, 00:29

    The first thing that hit her was the just awful smell of burning. Tess' body immediately rejected the smell and she turned away from the overpowering scent that had probably already seeped into her clothes. When she went over the possibilities of what could have happened, none of them were even close to reality. She closed the door behind her to not scare Mrs. Stubbs and immediately murmured a Scourgify on herself in case of anything.

    She took in the flat that she had once admired in shock. Nothing was what it was a month ago, for one thing, the floor boards were messed up and darkened from clear burns. She tensed as something touched her ankle and she realized it was a baby Devil's snare. Immediately her wand was out and she cast a spell to stop it from even getting near her.

    It was awful to take it all in and for a second felt bad for Connor and what he could be returning to. After the smell of old fire got normalized in her psyche, the next smell came, the musty wet fabric smell that came from the couch. Never being considered to be overly neat, the area around her disgusted her more than she cared to admit.

    The acceptance that this was clearly caused by Ben worried her. And it increased as she hadn't heard any noise of someone here. But as Tess parted her lips to call out for him, the noise of a broken phial caught her attention and she turned to walk to the kitchen nervously. Gripping her wand tightly, she look to see a small fire starting only for water to hit the tiles as he extinguished it. A noise of disgust was let out before she could even control it.

    "Benjamin Watson, just what are you doing?" she exclaimed as she covered her nose as more smells came around her.
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    Benjamin Watson

    Benjamin Watson

    Potioneer In Training

    PostSubject: Re: I Will Try to Fix You (Ben)    Thu Jul 19 2018, 23:52

    A noise grabbed Ben's attention as the fire at his feet went out. Another puddle amidst dozens. Setting his wand on the kitchen table, his hand went to his hair in a clear sign of frustration.

    Of course someone had to interrupt him now! Bailey wasn't due home for....well, Ben wasn't really keeping track of the days, but he had a feeling it wasn't for a while. Looking up at the door, his eyes widened to see Holmes standing there. He grimaced as her voice disturbed the otherwise silent flat.

    "What does it look like, Holmes?" His gesture to the destruction around them was a bit more grandiose than normal for Ben. "I'm working."

    Ignoring the way the girl covered her nose, Ben pulled his robe around his torso, fully realizing he was in his t-shirt and pajama bottoms in front of someone other than his roommate. Quick steps took him past her and to the couch, forgetting that only a half hour ago there'd been a problem with a particularly flighty twig that he'd dowsed once it landed on the cushions there. He plopped down on his back right into the damp mess, not giving a shit.

    "Now that you've assessed no danger, I would appreciate it if you would kindly leave."

    It was clear enough, in his slightly tilted mind, that someone had sent her, as he was sure she would not have ventured here on her own. One hand started tugging at a few errant curls. When a bit of smoke started coming from them, he patted it away and clasped his hands on his chest where they could do no more harm.
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    Tess Holmes

    Tess Holmes

    Healer In Training

    PostSubject: Re: I Will Try to Fix You (Ben)    Fri Jul 20 2018, 00:24

    Taking him all in, in all his glory was daunting. Ben was very disheveled and it was so unlike him to be this way. Despite him acting like he did not care about anything, he was somewhat immaculate in his looks. That was something that had initially attracted her to him, how put together he was and somehow it was effortless. Now, well he looked like a pouting toddler. There was a level of shame, she noticed as he tied his bathrobe around himself defensively.

    "What does it look like, Holmes?" His gesture to the destruction around them was a bit more grandiose than normal for Ben. "I'm working."

    No he was done. He was destroying his home, that she once found very charming and lovely. Now it looked like a neglected place, one that definitely needed work. She rolled her eyed as soon as he stomped over to the clearly destroyed couch and sat down. The squish noise made her stifle a laugh, it was clear he was too prideful to do anything about his wet spot.

    "Now that you've assessed no danger, I would appreciate it if you would kindly leave."

    Her expression soon changed to annoyance as he kicked her out. Crossing her arms, she leaned against the doorway taking the mess that he was in. Her eyes trailed from one corner of the room to another before shaking her head.

    "All of this to try and catch the smell of flowers?" her eyes were bright pretending she heard nothing that he had said. "Should I be flattered?" she asked as she began to pick up items to clean.

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    PostSubject: Re: I Will Try to Fix You (Ben)    

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    I Will Try to Fix You (Ben)
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