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     I Will Try to Fix You (Ben)

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    Tess Holmes


    Healer In Training

    PostSubject: I Will Try to Fix You (Ben)    Fri Jul 13 2018, 01:10

    Tess Holmes was not a fan of summer in London; ever since she first moved, she could not understand why summer was so humid as it was or hot with no breeze. France never dealt with such harsh humidity and in her opinion was the far more superior time. So when her grandmere had rebuffed her from visiting, she was much more hurt than she cared for admit.

    She loved her grandmere more than anyone else in her family. She was callous, ambitious, blunt, but fiercely loyal to her. Tess thought that it would be the closest that she would get to a mother. The excuse that her grandmere had given her was that she was 'far too busy to entertain her', but in reality she knew that she was being sent away for a reason bigger than that. What was that reason? That was still unclear.

    So Tess did what she did in this type of situation: she sulked. Rhian had managed to actually go out of the country while she refused to go out in the sunlight. In fact she was in the midst of reading another book, when a owl was pecking at her window. Catching her interest, she opened her window to see a chubby owl flapping it's wings.

    Unrolling the scroll, she began to read.

    Hi Tess,

    This might be   an awkward an owl you weren't expecting. I'm currently on vacation, but I can't help but be a bit worried over Ben. I know it's stupid for me to asknot ideal to ask you a favor. But if I'm perfectly honest, you are the only person other than me that cares for Ben. Can you check up on him? I'm worried he's not answering my owls.

    Thank you!

    Cheers from Barcelona



    After that, she had mulled over her options for over an hour before she found herself throwing her shoes on, and rushing towards Mistwick district. By the time she arrived at his flat, the sun had begun to set and she found herself staring up on the window wondering if she could just leave.

    Something stopped her from leaving, and she found herself knocking softly. Immediately, the door opened, with the friendly landlord lady she had previously met. She greeted her softly, before Tess was pushed up the stairs.

    "Please fix this!"

    With no further information, Mrs. Stubbs knocked on the door, before rushing back stating something about her medicine and music began to hit from her flat.

    Waiting patiently, she froze when she heard a voice yell from inside. A very unclear voice but she knew it was Ben. Pushing the door she found it unlocked and tentatively popped her head in.


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    I Will Try to Fix You (Ben)
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