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     Take In The Sun With Me (Rhian)

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    Connor Bailey


    Dragon Trainer In Training

    PostSubject: Take In The Sun With Me (Rhian)    Fri Jul 13 2018, 00:08

    Summer meant many things: vacation from classes, sun, some heat, and travel. For Connor, it meant many things: it meant taking some time out in the sun with his family, and more importantly, the goal for these two weeks was to distract his grandmother from her mourning and allowing her to smile once more.

    His grandmother had surprisingly agreed pretty easily at the idea of them going somewhere. She loved Barcelona, and some Spanish weather would do them well. The only downfall that for the first week one family member could not attend their vacation: Rhian. If he was perfectly honest, the death of his grandfather Atticus, had brought a lot of things into perspective: one of them being love. He knew that if he wanted to be happy, he needed to ignore his pride and instead follow his heart if he wanted happiness.

    And so they agreed to bury the hatchet. There was no need for them to argue or be petty, but rather try to be friends with a prospect for more. Love was on the tip of their tongue but never said directly to one another. It seemed wrong to rush it, but instead they still spoke to one another via fireplace or Owls.

    Their communication increased while he was out. The first few days of vacation, were spent in the streets taking in the scenery, the food, and the sun. He had to admit that the only people that missed Rhian was his grandmother and him. It was on their fifth day at the beach where he was notified that she was agreeing to visit them for the last week.

    Smiling at the thought, he waited patiently at the train station for her while his family was out shopping.

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    Rhian Kael


    Dragon Trainer In Training

    Occupation : Bartender at Hookfang

    PostSubject: Re: Take In The Sun With Me (Rhian)    Fri Jul 13 2018, 01:03

    A loud whistle from the front of the train shocked Rhian into consciousness. She'd been absolutely knackered getting on a few hours back, and had fallen to sleep easily.

    The last two weeks she'd had to take over at Hookfang as acting manager, something she'd never dreamed of doing. But the owner had fallen ill suddenly, and she'd been the only one really qualified to step it, what with her years of working there. Living above the pub meant she was available more often than others as well, so she'd been working every day, usually longer than her normal shifts even.

    When the owner came back in yesterday, he'd handed her an envelope with advance payment and a bonus as well. He told her she was taking time off, and he'd hear absolutely none of it. As much as Rhian wanted to argue that it was truly too much, he fondly shooed her out the door and told her not to come back for a week at least. Longer if she needed.

    That's how she found herself traveling to the mainland and then by train the rest of the way. Connor and the rest of his family had been gone for the past week, and she was beside herself with excitement to be able to join them. They hadn't done a family vacation in so long, and the idea of spending time away from home with Connor was thrilling.

    And nerve wracking. She'd been thankful that their communications since Atticus's funerals felt rather natural and not at all the minefield she'd imagined they would be. But being together in person was a bit more daunting.

    The train pulled into the station and everyone gathered their things. It's going to be fine. Just fine, she kept repeating to herself. Biting her lip anxiously, she stepped out onto the platform and breathed in the smells of a new place. Her eyes found Connor easily, lighting up when she saw him.

    Her short strides turned into a bit of a trot as she made her way through the crowd towards him, beaming all the while. "Hi," she greeted breathlessly. It was easier than anything to step into him and hug him close. The warmth of him helped relax the last few weeks tension from her body.
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    Take In The Sun With Me (Rhian)
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