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     Shiver (Ben) (Warning: Drug Use)

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    Eris Fox

    Eris Fox


    PostSubject: Shiver (Ben) (Warning: Drug Use)   Sat Apr 28 2018, 00:08

    Early January, 2041 || Ben and Connor's Flat

    With a proper push, the door successfully opened. She smiled cattishly as she slid into the old flat. Looking around, she realized it had been a while since she had properly visited. But things hadn’t really changed. The couches were still there; she remembered the way they would lay intertwined in the bed as they passed the haze of their substances. It was lovely.

    She felt a shiver down her spine at the memory. All good indeed. She found herself curiously looking over what might have changed. Was there any girl in his life? Her hands flittered over the items, stopping to take a quick look at herself in the mirror. She let out a grin. She looked ready for the night.

    For this was a night unlike any other; today was Ben’s birthday and she would make sure that their tradition stayed in tact. She had been thwarted the year before by the stupid blond who insisted she was bad company for his ‘best friend’ to keep. But then again, she knew that’s why he kept coming to her. Ben was amazing at making bad decisions.

    Infatuation was his weakness. They were by no means in love; love was for the weak. But she loved the way his hands played her body as if she was his violin. Her body hummed ready to visit him once more. Opening the door to his room she frowned seeing it as empty.

    “Rats” she muttered.

    Perhaps the blond had beaten her to him, that is until she heard a pair of giggles from upstairs. Immediately sliding into his room, only to see Bailey with a girl in his arms as they prepared to leave. She locked the door behind her, as she felt him coming towards the room.

    “Hey Buddy?” His voice rang. “I…I am heading out now.” His voice lowered. “I’ll make this up to you, I promise:”

    And with that he left. ’Good” Eris thought darkly.  So while she got over what she should do, she did what came naturally. Slipping off her coat, she threw it to the side before crawling onto his bed.

    “I missed you too” she murmured to the mattress as she waited for him patiently. She knew he had missed her, her just had to.  
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    Benjamin Watson

    Benjamin Watson

    Potioneer In Training

    PostSubject: Re: Shiver (Ben) (Warning: Drug Use)   Sat Apr 28 2018, 00:36

    Mistwick was a strange place in the dead of night, in January. Ben had spent enough hours roaming these streets since he and Connor had gotten the flat this summer, but it had been a while. And never with snow on the ground. The cold wasn't an issue, he didn't even notice it really once his collar was turned up and his hands tucked in his pockets. It was the silence, every footfall muffled by the surrounding powder. Ben felt like he was walking in a dream.

    Or a nightmare?

    Emotions whirled within him, none of which he could understand. He'd left his own flat what felt like a lifetime ago, when Connor said he was leaving for the weekend, and now he felt more lost than when he'd began. Images of wide brown eyes fluttered across his mind, and his hand reached up to brush across his mouth absentmindedly.

    It could have been a dream. It all could have been some hazy dream. Maybe he hadn't even been to her flat. But then, he could smell her...he didn't know if it was perfume or shampoo or whatever. But there was a lingering scent from when he'd nuzzled into her temple. Who does that?! he raged at himself silently.

    Settling into a good long sulk as his feet pressed ever onwards, it wasn't until almost dawn that he wound up back at his own flat. The lights were off in Mrs. Stubb's flat, as expected, and he walked as quiet as he could up to the first floor. Once there, he dropped his coat onto the couch, finding absolutely no reason to hang it up. Not like anyone's going to yell at me about it tomorrow.

    He wandered about the kitchen, accomplishing nothing. He was rubbish at taking the time to make tea for just himself. And anyways, for some reason, very out of the ordinary, he felt the overwhelming need to just pass out. To forget the world for even a handful of hours. Maybe it would make sense when he woke up.

    As he walked down the hall towards the bedrooms, he noticed a soft light coming from under his own closed door. There was no use pretending he wasn't there, as he'd made even a small amount of noise in the flat already. Approaching with caution still, he drew his wand as he opened the door quickly.

    "What are you doing here?" The words were out before a normal person would have processed the scene in front of them. But he knew the woman in his bed. Too well.
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    Eris Fox

    Eris Fox


    PostSubject: Re: Shiver (Ben) (Warning: Drug Use)   Sat Apr 28 2018, 00:57

    Four Hours.

    Eris had waited much longer than she wished to admit. She had a bitter taste in her mouth at the thought that he perhaps had plans. Plans that involved not meeting with her. But they had an understanding. The daytime was meant for his playdate with Bailey but in the night time they shared a good romp. It was what they did, it was what they were good at and it was what she was waiting for.

    So in the meantime she relaxed. She had changed out of her clothes and into one of his sleeping shirts; his favorite and the one he said went well with her eyes. She then decided to open a bit of their game and inhaled sighing as her whole body came to life. He needed this, he needed her.

    So when the door finally opened she found her toes curling at simply seeing him. His dismissive manner made her want him all the more. So as he looked at her she merely crawled towards him to the end of the bed and sat down still looking up.

    "I thought you had forgotten our date" she hummed softly as she played with his coat. "Happy Birthday Blue eyes" she murmured as she tugged him closer. "Wanna unwrap your presents?"

    She did not simply mean herself, especially as she waved the small vile in front of them. It was perfect. Just the two of them.

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    Benjamin Watson

    Benjamin Watson

    Potioneer In Training

    PostSubject: Re: Shiver (Ben) (Warning: Drug Use)   Sat May 05 2018, 19:01

    Ben's wand lowered to his side as the woman in his bed started to move. Her dress - or lack there of - indicated she planned to stay a while. Especially as she'd changed from her own apparel to one of his dress shirts. The choice wasn't lost on him, as a hazy memory surfaced of her eyes glittering as pretty words had flowed out of him. It was all colored a strange pink around the edges. No doubt an effect of their mutual 'friend'. 

    Speaking of, he could smell it from the doorway, the scent permeating his living space in a way it hadn't done in near to ten months. Not since Connor had found him in his dorm all that time ago, out of his mind and non-responsive. Nowadays Ben did a wonderful job of pushing that part of his life out of his mind.

    A bit harder when it was sitting on his bed with a coy, knowing smile on it's face. The rational part of his mind wanted to tell her to leave. That she had no place here, in his life, anymore. Instead, he set his wand on his dresser, stepping closer to where she'd moved to the edge of his bed, wishing him a happy birthday.

    "No one should be alone on their day." The soft words drifted through his mind and he could have sworn he'd already given into the temptation that Eris was offering. He hadn't exactly been paying attention to her words, but her intent was clear enough.


    Whatever it was, whatever she wanted, he would give in to. If anything, he wouldn't have to deal with the shit that had happened in the last few hours. No matter how perfect Tess had felt in his harms.

    Not like it will ever happen again.

    His hand opened in front of her, waiting.
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    Eris Fox

    Eris Fox


    PostSubject: Re: Shiver (Ben) (Warning: Drug Use)   Sat May 05 2018, 20:00

    He was as perfect as Eris remembered; from his strong physique to his even sterner glare. It was lovely and she found herself being oddly sentimental over it. For between the two of them it was never love; neither were capable of even loving, let alone one another. Rather it was a primal need to have him around, to tug the rope and know that he would willingly appear to her like time hadn't passed.

    'So selfish' she thought to herself proudly as she slid her hands up to his shoulders.

    "I already had some" and she had. The haze made her all the more sentimental as she wrapped her arms around him. She let him take the vile from her as she tried to worm her way into his scent. Except...except there was something different.

    For some reason he smelled of roses, and vanilla. There was no way he would brew something of such soft smell, and he always tended to remove his coat when doing some potion brewing.

    'Competition' a primal part of her growled amongst the haze of the high. But his clothes was fine, nothing amiss and he would never touch someone that wasn't her.

    "Did you miss me?" she cooed as she nudging him to take the drug. They needed to ride this trip together. And if someone was there interrupting his life...she would make him forget everything that wasn't her.

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    Benjamin Watson

    Benjamin Watson

    Potioneer In Training

    PostSubject: Re: Shiver (Ben) (Warning: Drug Use)   Sat May 05 2018, 21:14

    Her touch was equal parts unwelcome and necessary. It was all too familiar: the smell of the potion mixing with the abrasive scent she adorned herself with, the way she practically purred as her hands moved over him. Time really hadn't changed Eris one bit, her heavy lids and the press of her body against his.

    Ben took the phial and downed it's contents, not caring that it was more than he'd regularly taken. And that was when he was taking it regularly. Having been clean this long....it's wasn't a good idea. But the tiny voice telling him so was drowned out as quickly as it came. He didn't give a rats arse at the moment. They were alone. He was alone. And no one else was coming for him. He may as well not be here either.

    His lips tingled from the liquid as it started working on his system. He tossed the empty container into his open hamper and let both hands settle onto Eris's hips, feeling the texture of his shirt around her. Letting his head lean to one side and then the other, he could feel the drug take hold. He hummed into the sensation.

    "Not in the slightest." Ben wasn't going to lie. Until now, until tonight, he'd enjoyed not dealing with this woman anymore. But...it was almost as if that thing that Connor called 'fate' was laughing at him, dropping her back into his life. "But neither have I kicked you out onto the street in your underpants."

    Speaking of, his fingers brushed against soft skin as he reached the hem of his shirt. While her skin was always smooth, his fingers tingled like electricity as he gave himself over to oblivion.
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    Eris Fox

    Eris Fox


    PostSubject: Re: Shiver (Ben) (Warning: Drug Use)   Sat May 05 2018, 21:26

    The moment Ben drank the phial, she knew that she'd won and he'd truly come to her like she always enjoyed. There was something about pulling someone back into the cycle that she enjoyed more than anything. Especially when it was Ben; he was always so controlled but inside he was just as chaotic emotionally as she was and that's why she loved being around him.

    So as his hands moved with her and both fell into the bed, it was as if they were seventh years again fumbling through everything. There was nothing sentimental about this, nothing. She paused only to drink extra bit of the liquid herself before they truly moved in the lascivious actions of the two.

    It was only after when they moved apart that she allowed herself to relax. Another year and another tradition continuing. Because it was obvious no one would be here for him, no one but herself and that's exactly how she wanted it.

    "I missed you too" she cooed kissing his neck softly as she laid atop of his mattress.

    Because people came and went into their lives and into hers, but no one, no one was as bright or as unique as the man before her. If she could love, she knew she would love him. And it was obvious, at least in her eyes that he felt the same way.

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    Benjamin Watson

    Benjamin Watson

    Potioneer In Training

    PostSubject: Re: Shiver (Ben) (Warning: Drug Use)   Sat May 05 2018, 22:41

    They continued as they usually did, high on what Eris had brought into his life. When this whole arrangement had started, Ben had been curious on an experimental level about what she'd introduced him to. How it would affect his consciousness, what it would do to his mind during and after. But as time had passed, and he'd built a tolerance, he'd also developed a habit. One that held more sway over him than he'd ever intended.

    Connor was the only reason he'd pulled out of it. The only reason he'd stayed clean all this time. But that reason was...not here. And she was.

    Ben hadn't realized they'd landed on the bed, lost in sensation as he felt her kiss on his sensitive skin. His mind swam in a haze of color an light, his entire body floating on water, sinking into the world. Eyes closed he didn't respond to the girl next to him for some time. Not until she spoke again.

    Why did she have to talk? Couldn't she leave him to his oblivion in peace? She needed to not be here. "On second thought," his words slurred, "get out."

    He sat up faster than he should have, the room tilting in an odd way. Getting to his feet, he saw the pile of her clothes on the floor by his night stand. He gathered them and pushed them at her, opening the door wider than it had been. "You know the way."

    This wasn't the last time he would see her, he wasn't an idiot. But neither did he want her there anymore. He was only beginning his journey down the hole right now and didn't want a companion on this ride. Not now.
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    PostSubject: Re: Shiver (Ben) (Warning: Drug Use)   

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    Shiver (Ben) (Warning: Drug Use)
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