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     Mycroft Siger Holmes

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    Mycroft Holmes

    Mycroft Holmes

    Ministry Worker

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    PostSubject: Mycroft Siger Holmes   Mycroft Siger Holmes EmptySat Apr 21 2018, 23:00

    Mycroft Siger Holmes

    Mycroft Siger Holmes Tumblr_nwc6slURXi1tberpco2_500

    Age: 26
    D.O.B: November 7
    Birthplace: Paris, France
    Current location: Wizarding London
    Blood status: Pureblood
    Occupation: Ministry Worker

    Hair style and colour: Brown, slicked back for the most part
    Height: 6'2
    Eye colour: Blue
    Body type: Tall and Lean
    Dress sense: Impeccable
    Other: Moon tattoo

    Politics: From a young age he has always found himself to be politically inclined and took part in a lot of family meetings.

    His Family: he is very protective of his family and the image he is to uphold. He does not take lightly any insult or any danger to his family.

    Whiskey:After a long day of work, nothing is better for him to relax.


    Stupidity:He cannot handle people that do not think before acting.
    Laziness: People who lack purpose to him as seen as less of a people. Why life life without a goal?

    Disorganization: Everything has an order in life, there is no need to do so.

    You can tell his level of stress by how messy or put together his hair is.

    Stubborn: Often times he refused to realize just how his need to be correct can blind him from what is the truth.
    Cunning: From a young age he’s known to use his wit to get his way.
    Public speaking
    Charming when convenient
    Jack of All Trades
    Calm and Collected

    Unintentionally Neglectful

    When Mycroft was born, it was a great relief from his mother. He was conceived from a political marriage, and was the first successful birth from the couple. Despite the large promise of being incredible fertile, his mother failed to properly give birth to a living child until Mycroft. Her husband had blamed her for her ineptness and she worried that this might be true.  But the moment her first son was born, she knew that she would be fine and she had done her job.

    Her mother unfortunately never truly loved him, Mycroft learned this at a young age. She cared for him only when his father was around and even then it was in a way that fit more a pet than a child. The only “love” that he received came from his grand-mere. She was a cold calculating woman, who was fiercely loyal to her loved ones. She taught him how you needed to make sure your family was not a weakening part of you, but rather it was your pillar of strength.

    His father was a big impact in his life at a young age. When he was old enough to have common sense, he was taken to a lot of political meetings where they discussed things such as the state of Wizarding society, the social discourse and any coups that could be coming. He was too young to understand everything, but he learned the mannerisms. His father showed so much pride in him, that Mycroft knew that he was doing well.

    When he was six years old, another child was born into their world. Winston was thankfully male and the way that his parents' marriage stayed in tact. It seemed that the struggle to stay together only seemed to be fixed as soon as another child was born. Their world was slightly peaceful for this time, for two males meant that their family would continue to thrive. Winston was very different, for one thing he seemed to cling to the way of his mother, often times very sensitive to the world, unable to hold his tongue and often times a brat. The two brothers never really got along due to the preferences in parents.

    Still, even with two children, his father's need to procreate more children for power tired their mother. It was said that three sons would create true harmony in the family. (All good things came in threes, at least that's what folklore said). Yet since Winston Charles' birth three more miscarriages came and went and his father's eyes wandered. Mycroft was young enough to see that the looks that his father gave through the office was not proper.

    But at eight years old, Mycroft learned what unconditional love really was when his mother successfully gave birth to a girl. The moment he saw the tiny pink baby, Mycroft promised his father and mother that he would take good care of his sister. Her name was Tess and she was so vulnerable to the world that he followed her everywhere to make sure she was safe. She was overall a happy baby, but it was the death of their mother where that all changed.

    He was eleven and remembered very clearly when her death was explained. His poor sister tried to wake their mother multiple times until their father forcefully pushed her into Mycroft telling them to stop being a nuisance. It was that moment that he first feared his father. It was this moment that brought the three siblings together. He clearly remembers holding Winston close as Tess wept tightly at his other side.

    When the mourning ended, it was clear that they were to forget their mother. Mycroft stopped asking questions and sought comfort in books. Winston became a little shut down and it was only that Tess that took it in stride being at a young age. Both boys realized that it was best to let her forget and soon they would too.

    At eleven he thankfully went to Hogwarts for the purposes of cementing roots in England. Slytherin was his desired house as his father had been and while his grand mere was unhappy by his decision she supported him nonetheless. In school he made a following of his own and learned he had a love for potions. Potions were like people, very organized or chaotic beyond belief and for that he found it amazing to be.

    During his tenure at Hogwarts he made little friends, or at least friends that stood out to him. That is except for one: Teagan Finn. When they first met their fifth year, he was a bit overwhelmed by the looks that the girl gave him. Why would she ever be interested in someone as awkwardly tall as him? Yet slowly he found himself opening up to her and they were in "love". Teenage romance never went well and since then they tended to realize that perhaps they were not meant to be anything more than friends. To this day, he swore she was the one woman that would be his soulmate. And while he doesn't believe in the nuisance of love, he knows if he could love properly it would be to her.

    Throughout late teens he never knew how it happened but he and his sister parted ways. He didn’t think it was entirely his fault, but as his father paid more attention to him, she became more of a shell around them. She found comfort in their grand mere and he left it at that. He did think that his father purposely did that, especially when he graduated, he was sent to an internship in America to learn about international politics.

    He returned when he was twenty and moved into politics within the British Wizarding society as his father has. He had plans of become a professor, briefly but his father pushed away that idea in favor of a more acceptable career. At twenty two he moved to a mid-level ministry position which he was glad to hold. Though it came with a mild celebrity status (as a unmarried bachelor), he found it uncomfortable and shunned any ideas of marriage or prospect of children. His father does not mind because he can find a young wife to do her duty. (He has very little interest).

    At the moment, he’s happy where he is and while his life has been mostly dominated by his father, he refuses to fail his family and hopes he can bring his family truly together rather than just in public.

    Father: Sherringford Holmes
    Mother: Aria Holmes (neé D'Amour)
    Siblings:  Tess Holmes , Winston Holmes
    Other: Teagan Finn - Best Friend

    Other (Optional)
    Wand: Wand type: 14", Blackthorn, Kelpie Hair Core, Rigid
    Broomstick: N/A
    Pets: Black Labrador named Nox
    School Attended and House: Slytherin

    OOC Alias: Angie
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    PostSubject: Re: Mycroft Siger Holmes   Mycroft Siger Holmes EmptySat Apr 21 2018, 23:09

    Mycroft Siger Holmes Adult_11
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    Mycroft Siger Holmes
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