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     Mutually Beneficial (Tess)

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    Tess Holmes

    Tess Holmes

    Healer In Training

    Mutually Beneficial (Tess) - Page 2 Empty
    PostSubject: Re: Mutually Beneficial (Tess)   Mutually Beneficial (Tess) - Page 2 EmptySun Apr 08 2018, 00:47

    The thought of her attending a Christmas party was not necessarily ideal in her book. Her and parties never really got on simply on the fact that she wasn't good with large crowds. Whenever there was a party, Rhian went without her knowing full well there was no point even bothering to ask. A small amount of dread filled her; she had heard even on campus that it got out of hand in the dorms and the thought of realizing she would be attending. A frown rose.

    "I..I agree with you on the idea of me attending but...I'm not good with crowds" she was a bit embarrassed at admitting it. But she figured that if he was to be around her a lot, might as well be honest. "I get anxious or tend to lash out. Not an ideal party guest and and awful girlfriend for you."

    But Connor and Rhian...that might be a bit problematic. She briefly went over the situation but she knew her friend would be good, she had a boyfriend after all.

    "We should probably have rules right? All I ask is that if you are going to be...interested in another person while we play this out, please try to keep it discrete. It's silly of me to ask for fidelity in a false relationship, but I'd like respect. Do you have any boundaries?"

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    Benjamin Watson

    Benjamin Watson

    Potioneer In Training

    Mutually Beneficial (Tess) - Page 2 Empty
    PostSubject: Re: Mutually Beneficial (Tess)   Mutually Beneficial (Tess) - Page 2 EmptySun Apr 08 2018, 01:27

    All of a sudden the bravado Holmes seemed to carry wilted before Ben's eyes. It was subtle. He was sure most people wouldn't catch it. Something about the shift in her eyes, brittleness of her hand in his. Unbeknownst to him, Ben's hand squeezed hers gently before letting go, leaning back into his side of the booth.

    His head nodded in an odd moment of understanding. What she was describing...well, Ben didn't have the same issues with crowds. But he greatly disliked them. As in he hated them. "I get that," he admitted. "That's why I only agreed to go if we kept it small. So it'll be at our flat. Only a few people from school." Besides, he'd not be on any list for dorm parties anytime soon. Not after last year.

    A scowl was his answer to the girl's idiotic idea. A scoff of derision. "As if I would get anywhere near someone else in that way. Have some sense."

    He looked down at his watch. Connor would be wondering where he was this late in the evening, and he really didn't want to have to explain this whole...thing today. "I think that's about all we need to discuss on it today, then." He stood and put enough coins on the table for the pair of them. Repayment for earlier. "I'm sure the lion will give you the important details, but I will owl you just the same."

    Normally he would leave on that, but he felt some urge to...well, he wasn't sure what. He'd seen people who were involved kiss goodbye. The thought alone had his stomach moving. Better not. Instead, his head nodded in farewell and he was gone.
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    Mutually Beneficial (Tess)
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