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     Humphrey Williams

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    Humphrey Williams

    Humphrey Williams

    Ravenclaw - 5th Year

    Occupation : Student
    OOC : Brian

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    PostSubject: Humphrey Williams   Humphrey Williams EmptySat Mar 10 2018, 11:25

    Humphrey Stephen Williams

    Humphrey Williams Evanpe10

    D.O.B: 13th December
    Birthplace: Bath, England
    Current location: Edinburgh, Scotland
    Blood status: Halfblood
    Preferred Hogwarts House: First choice Ravenclaw, second choice Hufflepuff.
    Hair style and colour: Dirty blonde, medium length, and a bit of a shaggy cut to it. Curls slightly, which definitely becomes more noticeable when it gets wet or after a haircut.
    Height: 5'8
    Eye colour: Brown
    Body type: Thin, but has a bit of wiry muscle on him.
    Dress sense: Likes to wear what he's comfortable in and doesn't pay too much attention to style. When he can he wears jeans and t-shirts or shorts if the weather's nice. Has a pair of green high top converse and a dark red pair as well that he tries to take good care of and is usually wearing one or the other.
    Other: Has a smattering of freckles, and a long, thin scar on the left side of his stomach from a bike accident. The only tattoo is the one identifying him as a halfblood.

    Likes: Reading, Writing, Dogs, Flying, Piano and Guitar, Drawing, geeky sci-fi shows, pulling pranks (especially when it's with his little sister Casey), hiking, Care of Magical creatures and animals in general really. Getting out of doors and finding some fresh air when he can.
    Dislikes: People who don't know how to take a joke, brussel sprouts, bullies, chores (like most kids), and people who act like or genuinely believe they're better than everyone around them. Isn't a fan of being cooped up in doors all of the time.
    Quirks: Has a tendency to bite his lip, starts doodling if he's bored, likes his hair almost in his eyes but always has to move it out of the way to see, and when he gets anxious he has a bit of a nervous stammer which he's pretty self-conscious about.
    Flaws: A little too trusting and naive sometimes, when he becomes absorbed in something he tends to tune the world out and can get lost or miss out on things. Is overly sensitive so gets hurt easily. Socializing and making friends is definitely one of the things he struggles with most.
    Strengths: Independent, smart, resourceful, pretty good on a broomstick, loyal, and funny when he lets himself relax. When he sets his mind to do something he always tries to see it through to the end.
    Weaknesses: Naive, can be stubborn about accepting help (even when he knows he needs it), social anxiety, and is overprotective is his little sister and while that's not always a bad thing it definitely could be if she was in real danger or trouble.

    Humphrey was born in Bath, but his family moved to Edinburgh when he was five so he doesn't have many memories of it. His father is a wizard who works as a healer at one of the hospitals near their home. His mom works as a journalist for the Quibbler and occasionally gets to travel in chase of outlandish stories. She's not so blind as to believe every fairy tale she comes across, but finds them all interesting nevertheless. Both of his parents are halfbloods. They live out in the country and have a big yard that they can play in that even has a pond. When Casey turned six she got a red husky named Alice that they both enjoy playing with.

    For the most part Humphrey had a pretty fun childhood. Aside from getting bullied a little bit at school because he was such a good student and always felt rather awkward around people who weren't his family. Him and his sister get along great and they were always off doing something together. Occasionally they'd even pull pranks on their parents together, always in good humor. When he was eight he started learning piano and acoustic guitar, and began writing his own stories and drawing pictures for them.

    By the time he got to Hogwarts he was really excited to start learning new things and maybe make a couple of friends. His father had told him a lot of interesting stories about the place and he thought it sounded like a lot of fun. So unlike a lot of the kids who were really nervous, he'd been looking forward to starting there. It was hard for him not having Casey there at first, but he got through it and now that she's attending as well school seems a little more fun.

    Father: Henry Williams
    Mother: Sophie Williams (neé Carter)
    Siblings: Casey Williams (age 12)
    Other: N/A
    Other (Optional)
    Wand: Maple, slightly springy, 11 3/4 inches, Dragon Heartstring Core
    Broomstick: Nimbus 2000
    Pets: A great horned owl named Richard, and both his sister Casey and him have a husky named Alice. They got it for her but they both take care of it. Sadly with dogs not being allowed at Hogwarts they can only see Alice on breaks.

    OOC Alias: Brian
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    PostSubject: Re: Humphrey Williams   Humphrey Williams EmptySat Mar 10 2018, 16:12

    Humphrey Williams Ravenc10
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    Humphrey Williams
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